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I have fallen for several you tube videos :-


The most recent – APBT VS PRESA CANARIO  had the most interesting heading.

Two mean dogs,with deadly reputations squaring off.

The views were about 1 Million,so it had to be most interesting.

I already knew which of the two would be victorious in combat,-The Presa Canario definitely,but I was curious to watch the video all the same-even though like I have stated repeatedly that we at Dogs Arena Nigeria HATE dog fights-the unto death sort.

Thus I hoped this would be a healthy dog fight,hopefully truncated before death.

BUT as always what I saw was far from a dog fight-A Presa Canario with a rather tall APBT playing in a home garden.Again I had been suckered by these titles.

Please note that some APBT have been bred for greater height,greater weight by mixing with other Bandogges-Dogo,American Bull Dog,Cane Corso.thus we see heights of 24 inches quoted for the APBT by an authority like Wikipedia.

These are not standard APBT dogs! 14 inches to 17 inches is ideal height,if no mixing has occurred.

Still the APBT is the preferred breed for such combat comparisons.It is always one of the contending dog breeds.Just as FLOYD MAYWEATHER JNR  or MANNY PACQUIAO are the preferred boxers for present articles in Boxing Buzz.

—-For avoidance of doubt,The KANGAL is the most combat capable dog in the world.It is so because of a combination of factors-Size,strength,stamina,incredibly high bite force,a prey instinct,a naturally protected neck,speed,agility.
Others like the Bully Kuta,Presa,Dogo Argentina,Fila,and Presa Canario are good contenders,more deadly to humans perhaps but all fall behind the Kangal in dog to dog combat.

Back to the matter at hand.-

1.The most outstanding reason why the APBT is dangerous is because most owners do not give this breed the adequate training it deserves.
The APBT must be properly trained,properly socialized to reduce it’s original high prey instinct.
Naturally the APBT is not human aggressive,the fighting dogs pay more attention to their dog opponents than to the humans who hold them during such fights.
When the finally become human aggressive,a deadly menace has been let loose.
Poor training can make the APBT human aggressive.
Poor training will also increase it’s originally very high prey drive and it will fight any dog it sees and kill the smaller pets like cats and smaller dogs.

2.The second reason is deliberately turning the dog around on humans-on the Police as Police attack dogs,and on humans who may seek to steal drugs.

3.The third reason is inadequate information to the humans that may come in contact with these dogs.
If a human screams,shows fear or runs,the prey instinct in the APBT will come to the fore and it will attack,unto death unfortunately most times.

4.The fourth reason is biological,when the APBT finally bites,it is not able,like the true guard dogs to release it’s bite hold.
A dose of ammonia is needed into the nose to achieve a release of the bite hold.

THUS an APBT should NEVER be treated as a Bandogge.

When left alone by it’s human friends,the APBT may actually experience a near insanity condition!
When with it’s human friends,an APBT can indefinitely continue to accept all new humans who are friends to it’s owner as friends.

Therefore in conclusion,an APBT is dangerous because we humans make it so and it’s nature compliments this.
It is not banned in Nigeria,and I have seen several which I cannot agree will ever be dangerous…….at least to adult humans.


  1. I was a well know pit bull breeder for many years and I was known as Pat Patrick in the pit bulls. I bred some of the best and gamest dogs in the world and I imported them to many countries and a few went to South Africa. The pit bulls I had varied in temperament from dogs who loved everybody and were 100% trustworthy and safe with all people to dogs only my family and I could handle and were dangerous to anyone else. A game bred pit bull is not very big and a male in shape weighs between 25 and 60 pounds. A good one can easily beat any other breed their same weight. A kangal could only beat a good pit bull if they weighed over twice as much as the pitbull. Every video I have seen in which a Kangal defeated a pit bull was a case of the kangal being so much bigger that the pit bull could not wrestle with it and was being thrown around the entire fight. Yes a 150 pound Kangal might defeat a 50 pound pitbull but pound for pound the pit bull is vastly superior. I don’t condone fights to the death and I don’t fight dogs but other people do and I am interested in the results. I am not so sure the Kangal is the heavyweight champion of dogs. In much of the world the central Asian shepherd is the fighting dog of choice. They seldom lose to any other breed including Kangals. They are just as big or bigger than Kangals and they have killed the large Russian wolves.

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