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We have written about the consequences of poor training in the temperament of the APBT.

We will now write on a topic that is conveniently ignored-Proper training for specific purposes.

When Puppies are born,not all in that set will have the same potentials.

Experienced trainers can by the 4th week begin to notice certain traits that will influence their choice.
After this choice of prime Puppies,the next logical step is proper training.


The answer will fall within a range-A Male,2-3 year old,Alsatian (German Shepherd Dog) well trained in protection of humans and property will cost anywhere from 1 Million Naira to as much as 4 Million Naira!

This answer will shock many casual observers of the Alsatian.

In Nigeria prices of Thirty Thousand Naira,sometimes even less for Alsatian Puppies are common place.
Alsatians grow relatively fast when compared to some  breeds like the Kangal and Mastiffs.
By 18 months an Alsatian is matured,fully grown.By even 12 Months it would have reached it’s full height.
A kangal gets to it’s full size after about 24Months- 30 Months.

We see in Nigeria,Adult-18 Month Alsatians with owners willing to sell for  less than One Hundred Thousand Naira.

Training for humans adds value to them.Same for Dogs also.

An Alsatian is great in the sense that even without special training it is intelligent enough to separate friends from foes and to stop attacks even when it has started.
A KANGAL cannot be controlled this way.An APBT cannot be controlled at all ordinarily.

With training, an APBT can work with the Police to detect bombs,assist in human therapy and do social work.
With the same training an Alsatian can become almost human!

We will in later articles see the influence of training on some other wise dangerous dog breeds.

Training does not make the dogs less effective,training makes a dog more predictable,safer for the society.

So in conclusion,there are several Prime Dog training centers in Nigeria,and so many dog owners can benefit from this places.
A well trained dog can earn so much money by being models.They can take pictures with strangers,shoot videos with strangers and STILL do proper security work when they get back to their territories.

For enquries on training centers,or trained dogs please send mails to- 

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