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In the pairing of dog breeds,the ALSATIAN (GSD) and DOBERMAN PINSCHER come as a natural two some-close in size,close in designation in the home or security office,close in color.

There is a third dog breed that is mentioned in the same breath as the two above,and that is the ROTTWEILER

However the Rottweiler is also mentioned in the same breath with three other dog breeds. These breed have somewhat the physical looks of the Rottweiler, Black Cane Corso dog breeds for example can pass for tall black Rottweilers to the untrained eyes.

We will now look at these four breeds,aptly titled the Fantastic four bu Dogs Arena Nigeria.

Of these four,the Boerboel is the largest,weighing upwards of 70 kg for large adult males.
The Cane Corso can be up to 28 inches at the shoulders and is therefore marginally taller than the Boerboel-25 inches-27 inches as well as the Bull Mastiff also about 25 inches -27 inches.
The Rottweiler can be up to 27 inches too, for the very tallest.

The first three of these breeds-The Boerboel, Cane Corso, Bull Mastiiff are all Mastiffs of sorts, and have the power that Mastiffs have.

These three also share the basic colors – Fawn, Red, Brindle and Black is very common for the Cane Corso, while Balck Boerboels are still subjects of debate-*Please see our article on Black Boerboels.

ALL four share some similarities in looks. All look best with docked tails.

In comparison,we will use the following criteria-

1. Size – Like we already wrote the Boerboel is the largest.
Next by weight will be the Rottweiler, BUT please note that the Cane Corso and Bull Mastiff,although sometimes lighter in weight than some Rottweilers, are naturally bigger dogs. More raw boned,bigger presence, just naturally leaner.

2. Strength – Boerboel, followed closely by Bull Mastiff and very closely by Cane Corso while the Rottweiler again very closely comes fourth.
ALL these four are relatively very strong dogs.

3. Guarding – ALL are guard dogs and depending on training all are capable of doing a good job of guarding.
The Boerbeol, Cane Corso and Rottweiler will bite when necessary.
The Bull Mastiff will prefer to knock down ans incapacitate intruders. Biting is a last option.
In strict terms we can not choose the best in this department for all are very capable dogs in this department.Personal preferences will come in here.

4. Best to live with? – again personal preferences.All need strong willed owners,all need proper training and socialization.

Box head,square shaped German Rottweiler-picture


  1. They don’t look best with docked tails. Or, with cropped ears. Both practices are unnecessary in Western countries as the dogs aren’t subjected to other predatory animals. I am aware that some people still do this in the US, in most other countries it’s banned secondary to cruelty. You article only comments on size, straight and guard ability – and in little detail at that. What about temperament? Or health concerns? Please update your article

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