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Again a contentious question.Again a question that will have some of us drifting into extreme opinions.

First of all,let us look at the strengths of the American Pitt Bull-

1. Viciousness/Meanness – Ordinarily and you may not believe it,the American Pitt Bull is a very people friendly dog.
An adult can be socialized with a complete stranger in half an hour and may take a walk away with this stranger without the lifelong owner.
However on the other extreme,this breed is capable of viciousness almost unknown in the dog world.
I say almost because their was another such vicious legend,a dead (extinct) legend,the Cordoba fighting dog.
Vicious unto death was this extinct breed.Would fight a female to death  instead of mating.
This viciousness is the strongest asset of the American Pitt Bull.

2. Strength – Strong but definitely not in the class of Cane Corsos,Bull Matiffs,Boerboels and Rottweilers.

3. Stamina – Good stamina. This combined with it’s excitement in death situations pushes the breed beyond it’s rivals.

4. Agility – Good too,reinforced by it’s innate viciousness

5. Bite force – Less than many breeds including the Alsatian and Rottweiler. Much less than that of the Kangal.but the wiser Kangal would rather run away from an American Pitt Bull than indulge is a maniacal death struggle with a fellow dog. 

6. Prey instinct -Here is another advantage for the American  Pitt Bull.It does not tolerate other pets,animals or dogs around it.
It will tolerate people,but not other dogs.

And this brings us back to our question – WHICH DOG BREEDS CAN BEAT AN AMERICAN PITTBULL?

The Answer is any of the dog breeds almost as mean as it is, ready to die with it and naturally stronger and bigger than it – Very few dog breeds if any!

Maybe The Dogo Argentina, Tosa Inu, Preso.
Maybe a Banddogge converted Corso, Bull Mastiff or even American Bull dog. But then the converson must be total, the dog extremely turned around into a vicious, deadly animal.

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    • You, have no clue Kangel is out classed by far your living a fantasy my friend it’s not a game dog an will not see the fight threw people make comments unbelievable

    • I have a Cane Corso myself. My roomate has 3. They amaze me all the time. Strength protective and loving nature goes beyond the call of duty in my book. Just to add a little humor to this convo. My girlfriend came over with her Pitt without asking me of course she brought 2 of them to my home. The 3 adult Corsos I had put outside and the puppy of 10 months was by me. The girl was saying how they were alpha and my dog should submit in order for them to relax. I laugh since this is my dogs home. My dog was friendly but as soon as the 5 yr old pit decided to come check me..My 10 month old Corso held her own! Within a few minutes she made alpha after popping one in the face with her giant paw. lol
      On another note, I also have abeen a fan of the Argentinian Dojo as well. I don’t hear much about the bread from anyone with experience. I did a little research on Kangals since I wasn’t too familiar. Wow! What a beautiful animal!!! No question, my money is on the Kangal 100%!! I would love to know more about them.

    • The drug cartels una centa
      200 million dollar breeding trading project that only cartel members could own upwards of 2m per dog.
      This dog can beat anything because all these individual dogs are trained bred special forces.

    • Wrong! Those breeds are not game bred dogs. The only game bred dogs are Pitbulls and tosa inu. Game bred dogs fight to the death. No other dog breeds can handle the face to face determination of a Pitt. Again, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. There were bred specifically for fighting, not hearding or guard dogs like the others. Gameness is what it’s al about, not size or biteforce. Not sure what you’ve seen, but they sure weren’t pure bred pits!

    • Honestly in the United States Kangals have like a 0% Chance of winning with a Trained Pitbull Chinaman Blood. That is one reason we don’t use Kangals in the Fighting Pit. I won’t send you videos from the USA cause my face is revealed. I have stopped doing this kind of work by the way. Here are only a few International fights with a way smaller Pit. I have plenty of more videos than you. What do you have to say about that. Remember that internationally this Pits are malnourished and no roids LOL. Kangals run like cowards. A Pit does not do that. Kangal vs Pitbull Kangal vs Pitbull

    • A pitbull fighter guy will have many dogs that are well trained and breed, he will pick out the one he knows is going to win your dog for the money. If you have one dog in the yard and think you will win you are a fool he works hard to stay on top of the real pit bull fight breeder and his worse dogs or given away or something else. This is the mob in some cases and the money that is bet do you really
      think they will let you fat dog win, maybe to set you up for a bigger lost you can not win at there game

    • Any 200 lb fighting dog can dispatch an 80 lb fighting dog like the APBT. If the APBT was within 50 lbs of a kangal and had sound health (no pit bull that big is ever healthy)
      It would be over in 2 minutes. You are obviously from another country; a country that has the Kangal as its fighting dog. A tosa inu would tear up a kangal without even making a noise. Kangal s are guard dogs, not fighters.

      • no 200lb dog stands a chance against a pitbull. A pit would work circles around a 200lb dog. Size means very little in an dog fight and is actually more of a negative. The larger dog will have a much harder time trying to get a hold of the pitbull while the pitbull can do some of its most lethal attacks being on bottom fighting a larger dog.

    • thats bullshit the big money bets will always go to the high
      high dollar pit bull. The guy fighting them have 100 or so
      and they know what thy have.

    • I watched a VERY HIGHLY regarded APBT that beat ALL the other famous APBT’s fight your every day average kangal. The APBT sprinted at the kangal and leaped at the kangals throat grabbing it. The kangals loose neck skin allowed it to still bite the APBT and it pinned it to the ground. The APBT wasn’t letting go of the kanga until it but the pitt on its snout and put two holes in it.

      Long story short the champion APBT got worked ocer very badly and just laid there when they pulled the kangal off.

      All this hype about the APBT being the best fighting dog is bs… If any dog it was the Cordova but they are extinct… The males would rather fight the females than breed them… Big pain in the @$$ for breeders…

    • this is all bullshit,a pitbull that is trained and CONDITIONED
      by pro dog fighter in it peak age nothing come close, follow
      the money the big money allways go’s on the bulldog. They are cases of pitbulls loss to other breeds but these are not
      top line fighting dogs there pets. In a top fight line maybe
      none are of champ. but out of a couple of litters the breeder will pick out the best in a process of elimation
      and those don’t even train until two years old so the dog will be his best around the 5 year old mark. so fights have gone on for more then two hours a large dog breed in a Pit
      will be spent way before that time, the longer the fight last the better for the pit. those extra large dogs can not move and get away from a pit in a pit. that why there are PIT dogs

    • you are just a fan of the Kangal .. old pit bulls were brought in for years to try to toughen up the Kangal.. Pits too old to fight with worn off teeth but still game.. Imported Kangals failed to be a match for Pit Bulls and many a Kangal has broke and run from real pit bulls…the herding dogs will not continue to fight when hurt or fatigued…

    • If this were true, then everyone would be using Kangals instead, fact is you’re a liar with no experience, in the underground, ALL THE CHAMPIONS are ABPT’s, overseas you got a few Tosa Inu’s but every other breed is call a cur breed for a reason and Kangals are CURS, they quit after 30minutes even if they’re winning!

    • My Kurdish neighbor had a kangal in his back yard, it got out and went into our other neighbors back yard. That neighbor has a pit named thunder and thunder killed the kangal and ate two of his legs off before anyone noticed.

    • They fight Kangals and other LGDs against old or mix bully dogs and call them game pits to try to toughen LGDs.. I watched a Lady fight her game pit against a Champion Kangal … with a huge crowd watching .. The Kangal seemed to dominate for a few minutes but the Pit was do a lot of damage from the bottom .. The so called Champion Kangal culled out and tried to run with the Pit hanging on his jaw…. The dozens of videos of Kangals beating and even killing pitbulls do not even resemble the game pits that are real APBTs … Those barrel belly bullies are just mixed OLD bulldogs… Kangals are very fine dogs and do a good job at what they do … guarding flocks ! A very good documentary on LGDs tells the truth about the Kangals mythical biting power and their ability to fight wild wolves… The Turkish sheep herder says that they have to put protective collars on their Kangals to keep the wolf from killing it one on one… That when there is two Kangals on one wolf they are usually successful in killing or making the wolf retreat… These sights are full of ridiculous tall tales about the particular dog that the person likes… A sixty pound Game APBT will make any LGD quit and cull out in less than 30 minutes … You will see a Game Pit lose a short fight once in a while to a severe slashing bite to an artery where they bleed out… but it is a rare occurrence and usually to another pitbull… Game pitbulls are king of the fighting dogs or someone with a Kangal or Caucasian would win the big money that changes hand over the many years of Dog Fighting in the southern USA. These post sound like children who think that Lassie really killed the mountain lion…

    • dude ive seen just as many videos showing pits winning the fights.
      it proves nothing unless you were there or known someone who was that can verify that those were gamebred pitbulls. id say 98% of the pitbull population is scatter bred crap dogs that any real dogman would never consider a true pitbull

  2. Kangal is top dog, followed by a Tosa, Caucasian Shepard, Boerbel, and Tibetian Mastiff. I would take a Belgian Malinois over a pitt and even a Rotty, pitts overrated dogs, but no do stands a chance with a KAngal

    • i understand your dislike for the american pitbull terrier..

      but saying you choose a mallinois over a pit is saying your bmw is out running the concorde..

      kangals are powerfull dominant dogs, thrue..

      central asian shephards are more ot less the same dogs when we speak about strength and dominance..

      but believe me, kangals , cao,s , tosa,s , are more or less the strength or dominance gladiators in the k9 world..

      forget about the boerboel , bull mastiff , presa canario , cane corso . american bull dog,s …

      those are strong dogs but thats where it ends when it becomes about gameness.

      the american game bred pitbull terier is the most effective and dead – game animal ever bred by men.

      they doesn,t show you the movies where kangals completely terrified because they end up in a fight with a extremely tenacious animal who fight to death and beyond..

      many kangals flee because of that .. they simply ran away up the mountains to be safe and out of the scene where a pitbull can hurt them badly.

      kangals are great dogs , and are truly dominant..

      but they are fighters when they think they win..

      pitbulls never quit fighting.

      a dead game bred pitbull is weighing 4 to 5 times less them a kangal..

      no other dog on this planet is dead game .

      they tried it with the tosa with some succes..

      they tried it with the ban-dogge with no succes at all..

      they have a bully kutta wich is concidered a game animal..

      so lets stay loyal and asume that they could be game..

      their gameness is by far not that of the original game bred pitbull.

      the courage , the speed , the punishing power and the absolute gameness is phenomenal.

      no other dog had “ball,s ” like him .


      i admire kangals , but i admire the central asian shephard more because they too hardly give up a fight ..

      i do not like them dogfights but it is part of their history ..

      to know youre dog you must know their history too

      so to say a belgium mallinois or rottie whip a pitbull ..

      a rottie could do the same as a springer spaniel vs a deep game pitbull..


      rotties are good guard dogs and family dogs.


      i truly hope that dogfifgts stop !!!!!

      it must stop..

      pitbulls have prove their warrior blood waayyyy to often.

    • A Belgian malinois over a game fighting bulldog, how is that possible, the law has trained them to use a gun on another
      pit bull. better be bigger then that 40 cal small and weak S&W
      hand gun the cops are useing because that pit might just get really pissed off

    • Actually a Boz Shepard can beat a kangal 8/10 times. Much better endurance and much bigger head.

      But VERY CLOSELY looks almost identical to Kangal.

      A trained Tosa wil beat any dog in its weight class.

      Best fighting dog is extinct which is the Cordova…

      • it is actually spelled Cordoba … The Dogo is a descendent of the Cordoba but much more docile … but has had very little success against the APBT… The Central Asian Shepherd is the better fighter among the LGDs according to the Turkish Dog Men… but you have to understand that they do not fight dogs to the death , they simply test their dogs for dominance … The staged fights against imported bullies is either old bullies or sickly dogs.. ( barrel bellies ) that look very lethargic as if they are drugged…

  3. Pit bulls are not overrated at all. In my opinion they are the ONLY breed that will actually fight to the death and even then only perhaps 5% of the very best game bred pit bulls will fight to the death. None of the other breeds will fight for more than 30 minutes and that is very rare. For every video of a Kangal beating a pit bull there are two or three videos of pit bulls beating and actually chasing Kangals two or three times their weight. No Belgian Malinois ever born can beat even a 40 pound pit bull from game stock. The Malinois is NOT a fighting dog of any kind. Kangals, central Asians, Dogos, Tosas and a few of the other breeds talked about here are sometimes used in fights. Nobody who actually bets money on their dog brings a Belgian Malinois. They are strickly a police dog or a watch dog and very good at that. A friend of mine has both Pits and Malinois. He make sure to keep the Malinois away from the pits so they don’t get hurt or killed. If someone told him a Malinois could beat a pit he might die laughing. That Kangal site where the Kangals always wins against all breeds is a Kangal site. They won’t show a video in which the Kangal loses. Kangals can be good fighters but they can also be defeated and often are. I have seen lots of videos in which Kangals lost to both cental Asians and pit bulls less than half their weight. The game bred pit bull is the only breed that has been breed for fighting for almost two hundred years going back to the English and Irish bulldog-terrier crosses.

    • Nothing beats Kangal with a multiple in lbs per sq in locked jaw, this is why they can take any pitbull with ease.

      Want to laugh, those cute fluffy affectionate Old English Sheep dogs that look like pretty sissies can eat anything on earth too, short of a Kangal. They are number two because they too have been bred to defend flocks from wolves. There are endless cases in England where they pick up and kill a German Shepard a multiple of its size with one shake then prace back like nothing ever happened.

      Ironic the OES and Kangal are so profoundly loving with people and children yet the most formidable force in the canine world. Protective Pitbulls are genrally nasty with everyone.

      Kangal is multiply stronger than any other dog on earth, literally multiply. Even the OES comes in a distant second unless it has been shaved then I’d say 4th next to the pitbull and rottweiller’s lockjaw, and even then I am not so sure as the OES does’t miss like the others, ever. kangal doesn’t even need tha agility, what ever it bites, it snaps dead in a heartbeat, no pun intended.

      • You should do stand up. That means stand up comedy as you obviously are a comedian from another country and if I said stand up without comedian, you would probably just stand up. You are insane.

      • Actually, pit bulls are one of the best dogs with people and children. They are one of the least likely dogs to attack humans. the dogs you mentioned and the kangal do have great bite forces and all, but they cant sustain that force like a pit bull can. Also, no dog has “lock jaw”

      • Wow… how incorrect can you possibly get ? You obviously know nothing about Kangals except what you have read on Kangal sites…lol. Central Asians are the better fighters among LGDs … You should watch the documentary on the Kangal Dogs of Turkey … The Herders plainly tell you that the Kangal stands very little chance against the smaller wolves of Turkey and must be protected with special collars in case of a one on one encounter with a wolf… He and his brother say they lose a few dogs every year to the wolf… They use 4 or 5 Kangals per flock of sheep or goats to ensure that the dogs will not encounter the wolf alone… These sites sound like children trying to make the Kangal a Marvel Comic Character ….. They are fine dogs but they do have the self-preservation instinct to quit when they have serious injury inflicted … The game bred pitbull will drag itself to continue fighting with broken legs .. other dogs just don’t have that kind of gameness… although I find that to be a fault , any animal should have enough sense to run when facing sure destruction … And as far as the Kangal snapping anything he bites I would advise you to watch the Turkish dog fights … they very rarely even bring blood !

      • I don’t recall any of the pitbull folk claiming that the pitbull has more bite force or is stronger then a kangal.
        I will say they most assuredly are not as powerful as the kangal.
        but heres the thing.
        do you actually think the pitbull wins any fight against much larger breeds based on strength or bite force?
        lol its there over all fighting ability and most important thing of all gameness.
        and trust me there bite power is more then enuff you kangal guys seem really hung up on that bite force thing lol. sure it matters but only so much.
        let me put it this way if the kangal cant kill the pitbull in the first 10 min of a fight hes done. cuz the pit isn’t even getting started at that point.
        another point id like to make is that great size isnt always a good thing in combat dog.
        most xlarge breeds gas out really fast in a fight. dogs dont dessapate heat as well as humans they cant sweat.
        those big ass dogs gas out with in 20min tops. i will say the tosa is one exception to this for a big dog they can go.

    • Little buddy I’ve seen kangals and Albanian sheep dogs which are the same rape and eat any pit bull. Put bulls are pets not fighting dogs. Kangals are not pets. They fucking eat wolves. No dog can face a wolf except for a kangal.

        • the pitbull will beat anything that has ever been called a dog and then some.
          pitbull against any other breed the pit comes out the winner 8 times out of 10 at least.
          agian most pitbulls out there that you folks are seeing are shit dogs bullys and scatter bred they are not the real deal and they are not gamebred.
          if it doesnt have all performance dogs that are game and tested in the first 4 gens of its ped then its not gamebred its no longer a fighting performace dog.
          it would be like trying to coon hunt with a walker coon hound whos family has been kept as house pets only for 8 generations and hasnt been used to hunt.
          get it? its watered down crap at that point.

      • They do eat wolves, Ard wolves. Along with three of their friends and 100 dirty nightgown wearing men who captured the Ard wolf and probably beat it in the name of allah before letting their dogs kill it. Dork

    • what a joke a pit bull they are just too small when they fight its at a weighted fight the bigger dog will win i know i have had gamebred bull dogs not just back yard dogs snooty,eli,red boy,indain bolieo,etc.a kangal will handle them no problem a st.bernard mix beat about two of the best i ever seen when he got out of a neighbors kennel

      • Anyone with half a brain know you NEVER fight two dogs of the same breed that are of different size. The APBT on the other hand can outclass most anything bigger than itself.
        Do some research befor you make conclusions. Just because you like the dog bred in your third world country, doesn’t make it a great fighting dog. Great fighters come from great countrys. Third world countrys don’t produce great fighting dogs. They don’t produce great fighting men either. They can’t even get someone to post a comment that makes any sense at all.

    • do you think a real game pitbull can beat a real game pakistani bully kutta ? because, kangal was bresd for guarding whereas bully kutta was bread for only fighting like pitbull. just much bigger than pitbull in size.

    • The una centa cartel dog is rumored to be a pitbull.

      But owning a dog is for wealthy rich estate families who can devote 24/7 to them.

    • People who own pit bulls should be arrested for animal cruelty,(most owners), for the simple fact they treat there dogs horribly so that they remain vicious when seen by other people,never mind dog fighting.They keep there dogs on chains,don’t tend to any of the animals ailments because most do not even care about the animal ,just how they look to other people walking a pit around.These people are tragically in need of respect and trying to get it through the dog they walk around.About fighting ,I owned a demoted that could put down any old pit any time of day or night,however I did not walk him around for self recognition, I walked him around for a person who respects his dog and wants to see him associated with people, kids,and just to get out and around.There’s a difference between having a dog and caring about the dog that you have.

    • We have someone who knows something about dogs hear.
      The pits they fight are in such good condition when it comes time that the other dog runs out of gas and trys to get out or quits. not even lasting sometime 15 min the pit may get a few scratches but the heavy fat dog will not last log. We have tryed all those big bad dogs for catch dogs in louisiana and most get chased off by a little 250lbs razor back, the american bulldog does the job the best and so does the pitbull the american bull dog scott line is just a large pit bull.

    • Mahlon Patrick,

      First off your wrong lots of times. 1, historically the APBT was not breed for fighting thats a myth. The only dog “A hybrid” called a cordova was breed for fighting but technically it was from 4 different breeds so it’s really a mutt?


      • Very wrong … once the Staffordshire terriers and Old Family terriers were brought to America in the early 1900’s from England and Ireland they were immediately bred to create a larger fighting dog … the APBT .. Mr. Colby and other early breeders wanted a larger version of the game dog for fighting…. they actually have records of their fights and one of Colby’s early dogs was declared unbeatable… later the Irish Red Nose was deemed the most game dog ever…

  4. My German bred German Shepherd killed our neighbors Pitbull because it was standing by the bus stop where our kids we’re about to get off the bus. And a Cane Corso can kill a Pit bull any day.

    • Yes and my canary flew over into the neighbors yard and killed his Kangal… and on the way back killed a German Shepherd… He flew back thru the window and I put him back in his cage and they never did find out about that little dangerous bird…. lol. Some of these people on these sites have never even seen a game bred APBT

  5. Any dog that is trained to fight is mean. Granted some breeds are more weak others are clearly superior. That being said, Pit bulls that are trained to fight are very very lethal. They not only have jaws that lock when they bite down but, they also go straight for the throat, and are quick. The other animal would have to make the right moves quickly to have the upper hand.

    • Just want to educate some of you lot on here, any powerful dog breed depending on situation and temperment stands a good chance against any pitbull (American Staffordshire terrier) and most importantly there is no such thing as lock jaw on any breed .

      • Not so, no dog on the planet has the determination of a pit bull in a fight. Game pits actually enjoy the fight win or lose. Pretty much every breed of dog other than a pit bull will only fight so long it thinks its winning. A pit bull always thinks its winning even if its not.

    • Which dog has all the world records and can be in line with Bruce lee. It’s about the brain which animal is the smartest like a badger or a wolverines.
      Size means absolutely nothing. Unless your a grizzly.
      besides where I live everyone now is over the dog craze and buys the 60k hyena. And I don’t prefer these over dogs.
      But if you have real money get a jaguar. They can beat the dogs but will avoid stupidity and injury. No need to hunt when they’re fed 200 dollars a day in food

      • Yes, cats are,smart and will avoid injury. I’ve read about the Boerboel whooping leopards but the idiots that posted the story claimed the leopards were under 100 lbs. a wild cat in the ring with a person friendly dog with a bunch of cheering people would be frieghtend beyond belief and not a real contest. Seriously, a 250 lb jaguar against any dog in a neutral element? The cat would roll over and tear out he guts of a dog while taking its coat off with its front claws.

    • Maegan no breed of dogs jaws lock there just holding on.
      second all my pitbulls have come from gamebred stock. and although I do not fight my dogs I have had many accidental fights between my dogs. the vet bills were no joke.
      anyway all my dogs are human friendly. I’m 49 got into the apbt when I was 14 owned them since I was 19. both my sons grew up always with pits in the house never not once have one of my dogs bit me my wife or my sons my oldest is 30 and out of the house now and he now has his own.
      they also have never bit anyone else so no not mean.
      being mean and people aggressive dose not relate to a dogs fighting ability.

  6. no breed of dog is game like the pitbull is .

    period .

    kangals only fight when they are on winning hands .. and that is the first minutes of a fight .

    when he is tired or has a feeling he could lost because lack of stamina ..

    he want to run away.

    kangals are great dominant and very powerfull dogs .. but they are not game.

    tosas are game , but not like a game bred pitbull.

    keep in mind that a kangal is 4 times bigger then a pitbull .

    a pitbull from fighting stock and game strains will defeat any dog on a regular base.

    rottweilers , malinois , neo,s and bull terriers are no fighting dogs and are at maximum capable of fighting pillows.

    they are not supposed to be fighters.

    one fighter only , and that is the old school pitbull terrier .

    and maybee a very good tosa ..bully kutta or argentian dogo..

    kangal and alabai are powerfull , dominant , and very very large ..

    but they are not game ..

    they can off course kill a pitbull,
    but that would be never a topgame american pitbull terrier but a poorly bred half pit half staff , or a cur .

    dogfighting is cruel and i hate it ,
    but i needed all the input available of this litlle sportdog before i could own one.

    in 30 years i now got my 3th pitbull..
    and my dogs has never been in a fight for the sport of it .

    never .

    never will .

    but in those days i needed to know exactly what i bring home .. and therefore i found it nessesary to read loads of books and watch videos .,
    and have talked do spme bulldog man too ..

    one dog is of intrest in the world of dogfighting ..

    others are of low inttrest or just for
    a day out trditional wise ..

    but for serious money they come up with the one and only thrur warrior .

    dogfighting is a serious thing about lots of money ..

    you think people come up with shephards , rottweilers or neo,s ..

    come on dont even go there.

    last but not least, dogfighting must stop right now, i truly hate it and there are so much more things to do with a pitbull ..

    they are good family dogs if properly raised. great family dogs actually.

    and haters… give this tasmanian devil some credits, and be honest ..

    confess that you wish in your deapest dreams that you had ball,s as big as he has .

    maybee it is truth thst we choose a dog as compensation .. no problem..

    since very much people our cowards to begin with.

    and one search compensation in his dog , other in his friends , furniture , cars , job .. etc etc

    no worries , i just like the fact that such a skinny looking clown is absolutely fearless .

    and his loyalty is out of the ordinary .

    it is phenomenal , he just want to make you happy ..

    always and forever ,

    how can I not love this breed.

    it just fits my toughts of a buddy ..
    a mate .
    i could not be more honest about that..
    also i am a big fan of some other breeds .. totally different dogs ..

    no fighters..

    the podenco andaluzz for example ..

    such sweet dogs but way different..

    the moral of the story ,

    pitbulls are nr 1warrior.

    bye bye

      • Not Toys,but yes Pit Bulls are substantially less capable than Bully Kutas.There are however now many hybrids of the Bully Kuta and the original,that very close to the Alangu Mastiff is extremely rare now.We wrote an Article on Bully Kutas,indeed quite a few articles.Please look them up.

      • cesar
        yes I like them but I like the kangal too.
        I just think your cherry picking all you guys are cherry picking.
        you guys see a video or see a few examples of kangals or bully kuttas besting a pit bull and assume its the rule and not the exception.
        knowing nothing even of the quilty of the pitbulls in the contest.
        as I said above ive seen just as many videos with the pitbull winning against all these breeds in great fashion I might add.

    • Did someone ever see a fila brasileiro? It can easily face a graywolf so about the pii will be a teďdy bear it is a dog weighing 84 kg agile and fast as a cat. I think the pit bull would have no many changes

    • I agree that the kangal is king generally but there individuals in some other breeds that will murder other individual kangals eg bully kutta ,gull dong

    • Well put. I’d like to add one word to the equation for your education and others reading your educated post. The word is “dead.” Pit bull and other bully breeds are dead game. Most other breeds are game but only the bully breeds are “dead” game. There is a difference. Example …Rottweilers are game, pit bulls are dead game. Poodles are game, Am Staffs are dead game.
      Best thing about the bully breeds is they love people. It’s hard to turn one into a good guard dog because so. That’s why they don’t use them in police work. The police would have to desensitize them to make them people aggressive. Whe don’t need dead game dogs as people aggressive.

    • One more thing… Tosas don’t have to be dead game. They are probably the only breed that can hang with a Pit bull if the size was comparable. The judges would have to stop the fight because the dogs would both be exhausted.

    • I agree after I watched a a Rottweiler kill a pitbull it was horrible Roddy was chained Pitbullwasnt guy did it on purpose and his dog died for his stupidity so I personally get another dog a Dogo Argentino I’m tired of How badass people think pitbulls are when I seen with my own eyes so you Pitbull owners if you love your Pitbull keep a way from the Rottweilers keep him away from the Dogo Argentinos or you be buying another pitbull have a good day

    • My Boz Shepherd “Often mistaken for Kangal” will kill any pitbull on the planet period. Game? STFU about APBT and gameness. I saw a champion pitbull get destroyed by a kangal. The Boz / kangal has tthe strongest bite foorce of any dog. Fuck’n idiots out there that think a pitbull can beat a 220 lb kangal STFU.

      • steelvenoom
        again you guys are so hung up on the bite force lol.
        i give you that but there are a ton of dogs that have more bite force then a pitbull and yes bigger and stronger too.
        but when your dog gases out after 10-20min unless someone steps in to stop the fight your pride in the fighting ability of your dog is going to go down as hard as your dogs body.
        I’m not going to claim a boz or kangal can never best a pitbull sure but its the exception not the rule.
        all the xlarge breeds are going to win sometimes. but the gamebred pitbull is going to win at least 8 out of 10 times. specally if hes a 55-65lb game one.
        also when these giants win there winning only on size and strength not heart or gameness and that’s not going to be to often that they win anyway. in these rare wins its going to happen by your xlarge breeds either killing or completely disabling the pitbull in the first 10-20min of the fight if they cant do that. well then there in for a hell of a ride which you will have to save him from.
        cuz after the 10-20minute mark your xlarge dogs are basically helpless.
        oh one more thing on bite force the way they measure isn’t table to go by.
        cuz a fighting dog is always going to bite harder and work harder when its on another animal. still the xlarge breeds are going to come out on top in bite force and strength. they just wont come out as the winner that’s all.

    • Massi, you are watching to many videos.

      I personally watched a very HIGHLY ranked champion APBT that was 8-0 against other pitts. I watched this PB beat another PB that was 7-0 both were never beaten.

      Well the champion APBT fought a Boz Shepherd named ‘Reload’ and the kangal killed it. At least I think it did. They were rubbing the PB but it was limp. It looked like its throat was ripped out… Couldn’t tell to much blood.

      So your myth about how no dog can beat a true game pitt from excellent blood-lines just got shot down.

      Not true at all. Many dog breeds can beat top pitts it happens all the time.

      Everytime a pitt loses you always have someone saying “That’s not a TRUE gaming Pitt!!”.

      Well I shot that down. I’ve seen it these TRUE gaming pits lose a lot.

      APBT NOT #1 fighting dog.

      • steelvenoom
        ill try again atleast you were at this contest or so you say.
        well here we go first. just cuz they were telling you that he beat 7 and then you saw him win the 8th so what?
        how do we pitbull men on here know that the dog itself and all its opponents were not ghetto bullys ?
        we dont cuz you dont these guys didnt pull out pedegrees showing they were from game stock come on man.
        now i havent seen a boz or kangal or cacusion go with a pit in person. but yeah ive seen video and there are sings that there atleast good pits in the ones ive seen i can tell by the way the pits look there body there movement the fact that there fucking tail is wagging like there so happy that they cant hide it.
        that tail wagging says im winning and having a ball even when im on the bottom being worked over. on the other hand i dont see the kangals and boz tails moving they look well to be honest they look scared at the very least there not enjoying it.
        see the difference?
        the vids ive seen with the pits losing are so poor qulity and grainy that i certainly cant tell if they even look like gamebred dogs.
        now in person ive gotten to see a presa canario vs gamebred pit and then on another occasion a dogo argentino vs game pit.
        results were the same in both the bigger dogs got the pits down held them there for a while. then pitbulls work to the top with some nice moves. and just work the hell out of the larger dogs from the top the dogo was getting worked actully in the mouth and side of face when the pit was taken off dogo just layed there for long time still alive but no fight left. same out come with presa only his opponit once on top was in the trout and neck area. and its not like there wasnt some damage being done to the undersides of the bigger dogs while the pits were on bottom.
        and yes of course the pits recieved damage to but they were straining to continue


    • Average Kangal against average pitt kangal will kill it 10/10 times period.

      A well trained APBT from excellent bloodlines can beat a kangal I’ve seen it happen just as long as the kangal doesn’t destroy it fast.

      A Turkish Kangal such as the ones those they are fighting in the middle east have been breed for fighting and will destroy any PitBull period.

      This is like fighting Floyd Mayweather against your average heavyweight. Mayweather is going to get destroyed… Or in a cage fight putting a lightweight against a heavyweight…

  8. Wow!!! So many comments here many make me laugh because they convey the fact that most don’t know about dogs.

    I don’t subscribe to dog fighting and this site/moderator must make certain of this point to everyone with every opportunity available, but just to shed more light on this topic I will say that most people who pulls around something with some muscles and a big head think they have a game Pitbull ( that includes me ) but that ain’t true, what they have are just Pitbull with 50% of they poorly bred bcos of the many money lover turned breeders, a serious disease I haven’t seen as terrible as it is in Nigeria.

    The Tosa Inu is arguably the King when it comes to dog fight 6 of every 10 fights with an APBT. Many dogs will try but will fail, the likes of Fila, Bully K, Gull D, Gull T, the Dogo will give you a show for your money and there comes the Kangal dog, now I know someone can almost hit me. Yes I have seen the Kangal fight and kill many Pitbull but not a game bred AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER not just a Pitbull. The Kangal is the most powerful dog breed I know off but they were not bred to be dog aggressive like a mad APBT, in fact sometimes they will avoid a fight until it is unavoidable but when they get into a fight not even your Pakistani breeds: Bk, GD, Gull T can stand a Kangal but it weakness is its lack of stamina like the APBT or the TOSA. The Kangal will easily break the neck of most dogs out there coupled with their strongest bite force in the dog world. I seen many dog fights and it heart breaking and of a truth the Kangal is great.

    A true game bred APBT hates to loose and will die trying but a Kangal will take to flight once it runs out of breath. If you have ever seen a game bred Pit before then you respect the name and not call those you saw those Kangals kill Pitbulls. A game Pit will go fighting for hours over 5hrs the longest that I know of, the Kangal can’t do that. Anyone with a true gamePit will not bring for a street fight like the ones you claimed were killed by other dogs.

    Why do you think those who do this terrible game are using most Pitbulls and not Kangals, some use bandoge dogs with very good compositions Cane Corso, some BK, GT, GULL D, DOGO and Presa De Canario.

    Enough is said here, if you love your dog or you have a straw of humanity in you, you will come into the ring and fight your lazy ass out. SAY NO TO DOG FIGHTING.

    • I get a big kick out of the dorks who walk around with a short , stocky pit bull or shorty bull. Why would they think that this unhealthy, non athletic, head heavy dog would be any threat in a real dog fight, is beyond me. Those stocky dogs simply cannot move in a fight. They look impressive but that’s it. A real athletic fighting pit bull terrier should resemble a well muscled, not heavily muscled athlete. A big head is undesireable compared to the more terrier like head. A barrel chest is another no-no as are short legs. You put a 15″ American bully against a 19″ APBT of the same weight…no contest

      • al
        they are referring to japan rules i believe.
        if its Cajun rules or just a let them fight situation the apbt is gonna come out the winner 8 times outta 10 nuff said

  9. All of you should be ashamed about your comments dogs should not be used for fighting a pit bull should be your loving pet if you treat it any other way or own it with any other intentions you do not deserve to own a dog a well trained dog will not attack another dog because it will see its owner as the alpha and will not attack unless instructed if you dog attacks other dogs you clearly dont know what you are doing or how to properly train a dog agression is only displayed when your dog thinks he is the alpha the one thing your pitbull will not defeat is the leathal injection the vet administers to your dangerous animal when it attacks someones beloved pet.

  10. very well spoken david

    so much people dont even have a clue of what a dead game american pitbull terier is.. or how he looks kike..

    a kangal, wich i truly admire ..

    is not even close to a game bred pit..

    not even maybee..

    the balls and the stamina of the american pitbull terrier ..

    the real dead game dogs..

    are phenomenal.

    if one ever saw one fighting ..

    also against a 3 times bigger kangal..

    he would respect the old pitbull in an instant and buy posters an t shirts of him..

    kangals will flee..

    if tired or when they have a feeling of losing the fight..

    they will flee ..

    they run away totally scared ..

    far away from the mad and totally devilish dead game american pitbull terrier who not even began to fight ..

    but started right at this moment..

    and showibg his thrue colors like never before..

    no breed of dog has balls and spirit like the okd pitbull.

    the real ones..

    so good with people..

    but a nightmare when challenged by other animals who want to hurt them.

  11. Honestly in the United States Kangals have like a 0% Chance of winning with a Trained Pitbull Chinaman Blood. That is one reason we don’t use Kangals in the Fighting Pit. I won’t send you videos from the USA cause my face is revealed. I have stopped doing this kind of work by the way. Here are only a few International fights with a way smaller Pit. I have plenty of more videos than you. What do you have to say about that. Remember that internationally this Pits are malnourished and no roids LOL. Kangals run like cowards. A Pit does not do that. Kangal vs Pitbull Kangal vs Pitbull

  12. Wow the disrespectful a kengal though?? My pit would chew that shit up for breakfast those dogs aren’t built like that we just have a bunch of pitbull haters on here tryna compare that furry piece of shit to the top dog come on o guess when your the best your always gonna have people try to bring you down right

  13. My family has a history of raising and fighting Game bred American Pitbull Terriers and I’m here to tell you that no other fighting dog in the world stands a chance against a Game bred Pitbull. I’ve personally seen fights between GameDogs and Curs ( Non Pitbulls ) and the results were always the same with the Cur screaming to get out of the ring. Once in awhile I’ve seen someof these oddball fights where somebody decided they were going to bring a big dog with hope to win some money from the boys and it’s always the same. I’ve seen Tosa’s work over a game Pitbull for 10 minutes until it began to tire and then get whipped, because the Pit hasn’t even begun to sweat, I’ve seen two fights between a Game bred Pitbull and a Boz shepherd and have to admit that of all the non Pitbull fighting breeds, that was the closest I’ve seen to being somewhat game, but the Pitbull still ended up wearing him down. Not all Pitbulls are Dead game and some don’t even seem to have that much of a desire to fight, but the ones that are GAME! and come from fighting lines, they’ll whip your Kangals and Tosa’s as fast as you can set them down into the Pit. 99% of the Dog fights in North America involve Pitbulls and that’s because they’re the best and that’s what wins money, bring something else like a Rottweiler, Akita, Kangal, Boz Shepherd or any of these other herding dogs to the Pit and you’ll be sent home with empty pockets and possibly a dead dog.

    • I’ve read a story from a book from a famous Pit bull admirer. I can’t remember his name, but it might have been Dr. Carl Semencic or Richard Stratton. Story goes that some wise guy had an undefeated Rottweiler in Puerto Rico that had whooped all the “local” dogs. Ie, Shepards, Dobermans etc… a guy from the states brought down his Bangogge (half Pit bull half English or neo mastiff) kind of redundant really. Anyway, the fight was stopped to save the Rottweilers life after a short period. I use the Bandogge as the example of the bully breed because a sound Pit bull is never that big. You never fight a small dog with a bigger dog in the ring unless you want to prove you dontknow anything. That said, a smaller Pit bull of the “dead game type” would win in a fight against any competitor of a “game” type 90% of the time. Too much drive too much endurance, period. I would NEVER fight a dog. If I had to bet, I go with a bully breed every time. If I did bet and fight dogs like a Pit bull against a non bully breed and if it was legal? I would have a lot of cash on hand. Especially,if the dogs are within the weight of each other.

      • I red the story pal this Bandogge was owned by Peter Swinford and its name was Bantu ..
        Yes, the Rottweiler gave up after few minutes.

  14. Developed from the Bull and Terrier types of yesteryear, the American Pit Bull Terrier was bred as an all-around farm dog, working the farms as a cattle/hog dog. Some chose to turn their talents into the sport of pit-fighting the pit bull is actually not the most deadly fighting dog in any way it was bred to be smaller so it could be controlled easier than the original fighting breeds (cane corso) ,(Blue Paul Terrier), and (Molossus) these dogs where bred down to be controlled because once set loose no stopping the fight. I hunt boars and have seen the brutal dog fights all around TEXAS/MEXICO. ive owned many breeds from real champion pit dog lines to imported kangels and cane corso to dogo argentino , wolf shep hybrids you want a dog that can easily kill a champ line pit dog take your pick between dogo argentino or cane corso as ive watched them take on boar with 1 lock and they do what takes 3-6 pits to do ive watched my dogs fight my buddies pit that he bred to fight and fought for 1yr without a loss his dog attacked my female cane corso pup and my corso took 1 lunge and CRUNCH the pit is done straight into a choking while kicking its feet the pit was a lil faster but corso’s are more intelligent with the same round about strength and stamina just raise them to hunt were the know they die if they don’t kill then your dog will see other dogs as prey

  15. You guys I would recommend you to check the Persian breed line of dogs. Like the mazari fight dog. They were bred to fight.
    And to the guy who said good dogs a bred by good countries, well my friend these dogs were bred before your America was even discovered let alone founded. Please research properly and avoid being rude to people and disgracing their country.

    • Yessir. Also called the khorasani fighting dog & the Aryan Molossor. Also sage kuchi breeds. The khorasani is bred to fight to the death same as the pitbull. Only they have been doing it for at least 2000 yrs not just a few hundred. They have also been bred to fight leopards bears tigers etc. Most pit bulls in America r not even pure. In the 80s ppl started adding press & corso blood to the breed to make them bigger. Real apbts do not get over 65lbs. If it weighs over 100 it is a bandogge. Plenty of breeds can punish dead game pits. I had a 120lb lab in hs that tore the fur off every dog it came into contact with. I use to sneak out the house at night n fight that dog. Never lost n rarely got more than a scratch. If I can get a hold of my folks in tx he had a double inbred dachshund he raised in a junkyard with a male akita a male pit n several female pitts n rotts. The lil bastard was made to swim in the golf of Mexico with weights run up n down steps with weights that lil bastard killed 2 of my best 100%gator line pitts. Gator is the best bloodline of pure apbt. Small rarely bigger than 55-60lbs. The dach was so cut he looked like spike the bulldogs off tom n jerry with the muscles. I’ve watched too many fights from my Arab partners to kno that most of the various Arab breeds r more than a match for a game pit. Most presas will punish a game pitt. Pitbull owners have too much pride to have any sense. They sound like the boxer that said “ain’t no way in hell I’m gonna lose to a white boy” n then got his fuccin head knocced off. Pride goeth before the fall. Also my last dog – a 165lb bandogge (25%ea: presa neo dogue Bordeaux & red nose apbt) was agile enuff to catch rabbits n would chase deer down like it wasn’t shit. His sister is one of the nastiest dogs I’ve ever seen. Climbs from kennel to kennel n fucced up dog after dog till my folks could separate them. He breeds Boerboels & bandogge w/presas Bordeaux n neo as the foundation dogs. Real be is r not the extra wrinkled lazy useless American lines. I use to breed them corso dogos apbts n hounds. I imported my male from a kennel in Holland. At 276lbs 6oH oDen could run n work in the tx heat for 3+hrs. My hog dogs would sell by the litter. Those inbred redneccs would give me $15k for a litter w/o any hesitation. When I use to fight dogs I also had a nice training business set up. $2500/dog if u brought the dog $5k if u wanted one of mine + the training. I use to love takin them rednecc n skinhead faggots’ money. Stop gassin y’all pit bulls up. They r no more better than any other fighting dog. There r plenty of dogs that r game even dead game that r not even fighting dogs. Hell I seen a greyhound in Locchart tx get caught by 3 pits n a pit-bullmastiff mix. Scooted up under a big bush n tore the fur off those bitches. A Rhodesia ridgebscc is more than capable of killing a game pit. Beaucerons from the oldest bloodlines were as nasty as the Cordoba dog n had to b bred in rape boxes like the Cordoba. The beauceron was used to create the Rottweiler & the dobermann. I’ve seen catahoula leopard & catahoula-bull crosses (apbt bulldog bandogge presa mixes) that fucced pits off. Ever heard of a Korean jindo? Will fucc a pitt up. I learned that the hard way. I had a ca de bau mixed w/a Bordeaux that at 8m killed a full grown bullmastiff. Pretty thang was her name. No more than 75lbs full grown. Shut every dog down. Every damn one. Had a Chesapeake bay retriever mixed with a Bordeaux as well. Looked like a giant (150lb in his prime) brown lab with a Bordeaux head. Old fixed n grossly overweight (180lbs at 9 when my wife set him loose out of spite) he was game till the end. I knew a bridle boxer from south African lines named kobi that was a purple ribbon fighter. Undefeated. Till he met my catahoula bandogge bushido. Australian bandogge/blue healer x catahoula bulldog/swinnford bandogge. Topped out at 220lbs. Undefeated. Not all game line pits got the heart. I’ve seen gator pits killed by non-fighting breeds.

  16. I don’t care what ANYONE thinks. I have seen and witnessed and did so much research that Pit bulls ARE NOT THE only dogs who fight to the death. MASTIFF’S DO TOO. As a matter of fact the Mastiff breed are war dogs and bounty hunters. BUT CAN kill a Pit bull their size and muscles , and even their jawls are stronger then a Pit bulls. I have owned them too. And American Bulldogs. Both of these breeds can and will kill a pit bull and both breeds (including the pit bull) fight to their death. The ignorance people have baffle me. Thinking the only dog that fights to their death is a pit bull . Paaleeeese! Research and experience it before writing about it!

    • Lol true bro. 1st of all boerboel has the double size so its stupidity to compare ppl those different mazes. Its like compare a middleweight and a heavyweight boxer. Both champions but who can win. If ppl think it lil deeper answer easy


  18. I guess pit bull lovers support pit bulls and other race dogs others. I hear lot of stupidity here. I saw something with my own eyes ulness if im blind. I went for a walk to a park on beautiful night with my boerboel Bruno. And while we walking unexpectably without no sense reason a pittbull that hadnt owner runned with rage to our possition. Bruno and it very funnt that i ll tell he didnt even bitted it for 2nd time. Just one strong bite and the pittbull needed surgery on his cheek. A big maze of pitts meat went on street losing umstopable blood. I called a doctor dog cuz i pitty it but normally it deserved that cuz it attacked to my dog with no reason at all smh …. that i have to say and goodbye

  19. Read a lot of comments here with a trained Pit being the top dog. I love dogs and don’t think they should be fought. But hard to say a trained up Cane Corso or Boerboel wouldn’t be able to put a whipping on a Pit. The history of the Boerboel was to protect villages in Africa from Lions. Yes lions!

    • With certain pits it’s not even bad. But Cane Corso’s can defend against people good but most are a touch lanky for a mastiff and could easily break a leg. Plus they don’t have that character trait that keeps them happy and smiling whether winning or loosing, so again only 10% of Pit Bull type dogs is it not abuse and you have to know what your looking for to get the right ones.

  20. In Italy there are a lot of mastiff bloodlines called cane corso. Some are only show/guard dogs, strong but with low stamina and gameness. Others are very good fighting dog: 150 lb, rustic, with high stamina and gameness. They have been selected for fight. On our farms dogs are used as the only food for other dogs. If a Mastiff is to survive, he’s got to kill other dogs. This is our selection mechanism. We don’t need 100 years to see results. In 10 years there are more than 30 generations. In my opinion pitbulls are too light to be competitive. Every dog weigh less than 100 lbs is not competitive at high levels. If a fighting dog weighing 60/70 lbs wins with a fighting dog of 150 lbs it’s only because the big dog is not a good fighters (old/sick/fat, ecc.)

  21. Yes, I agree with you brother. The boerboel is the most fearless dog ever. I have had a lot about the champion APT being the top fighting dog breed . A champion does not loose more than 40 per cent so you pitbull owners are just joking. My boerboel will fucking tear the pitbull ‘ s throut .No breed of dog can beat a giant trained boerboel besides the kangal .

  22. I hate dogfighting, but in the pit I have only seen a few breeds beat or at least hold there own against American Pitbull Terriers. American Stafforshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Majorca Dogs, Tosa Inu’s, European Boxer Dogs, Dogo Argentino’s, American Bulldogs, Shar Pei’s, Akitas and Kangals all hold their own against even well developed 65 lb game bred pitbulls. The dog breeds that I have mentioned, people usually forget that they to were and are still used in dogfighting and are known for it. I’m sorry but mastiff breeds like cane corso are just to big and too heavy to catch up with the American Pitbull Terrier. I just find that the American Pitbull Terrier is to overrated. I love them but it’s just people hype their image too much. I know because on the block, people get a game pit from the south and come back to the north saying they love the dog, until they get beaten in a fight by another breed of dog like a Bull Terrier or a Tosa Inu, and then they don’t want there pit anymore.
    My Boxer Dog who is a european and has bloodlines of working and unforchinatly fighting background. We were walking out side the vet and a American Pitbull Terrier came running from out the corner. They went off in a little scrimig until the pit tried to bite my dogs ear. But then my boxer stood on its two legs and rapped his arms around the pitbulls head. He held him there and then bit the pits nose and did not let go. My dad separated him, and the pit owner came and apologized. Don’t get me wrong I love pits. I grew up with them and they are incredible dogs with lots of power for their size, but yet again they are overrated. There are other breeds out there that have as much game, power and pain tolerance as a pit. I know all the pitbull fanboys are all going to talk shit about me, but reality is reality. I not just saying this to get attention but I’m just fed up with this whole thing on pitbulls being the strongest dogs and best fighters, and even people saying pitbulls can beat a lion in a fight, and then people saying that they know all about pits and stuff. I hate talking about this topic on who would win in a fights because dogs are amazing creatures, but Cleary the people who know all about pits, clearly know nothing about other dog breeds. But yet again like all dogs including pitbulls, let a dog be a dog. Like does it matter on who would in a fight n shit. Like dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend and yet people put them in stupid shit like dogfighting and beat the shit outta them. If I had my own pit I would show the world that pits are not the savage dogs that the government and people talk about. Any dog is good if it’s well trained and most importantly sosalized. I have met people have pits and even game pits who are the sweetest dogs. It’s like my boxer, I socialized at the start of three months. Now he is six and is okay. It’s not the Dogs, it’s the people. Dogs deserve much better then most of us humans.

  23. Lmao all these people saying pits are undefeatable. An average Tibetan Mastiff would destroy a pit before it even got a chance to attack. They have huge defensive manes around their neck so the pit would have a pretty hard time getting to the throat. They also kill wolves, lions, tigers, and bears.

  24. In America, big money is waged on Dog fighting and 99.999% of the time it’s a Pitbull against another Pitbull, Why! because nobody is going to put a 200lb Kangal of Boz shepherd in the ring with a 60lb game bred APBT and watch that chase um out of the Pit. A Kangal will fight for 20 minutes tops, but at that point a Game bred Pitbull hasn’t even warmed up yet. There are countless accounts of Pitbulls fighting for 3 hours, there are Pitbulls that were getting the tar whooped out of them and when seperated they’re wagging their tails and acting as if they were winning the whole time. Kangals don’t crave combat, but gamebred Pitbulls love it more than anything else in life, that’s the difference. I’m sure there are fights where a poorly bred old Pitbull is beaten by a young in his prime Kangal, but when you match the best against the best a Game bred Pitbull wins everytime. Any of you Kangal fans don’t believe it, come over to America with your Kangal or Boz Shepherd and match um up with a well bred game dog and see what happens, because Dog men in this country are always looking to take money away from a Dummy who brings a Cur to a Dog fight.

  25. who needs a chain like this? what you cant control your dog? a good owner is able to controll their dog without a stupid chain used for towing… smh stupid

  26. when it comes to fight no one can defeat a pakistanu bully kutta..thsese dogs are raised just for fight.all they do is fight eat and sleep…they are not guard dogs but fighters..many people have tried their luck by importing american pitbulls but in vain..always bet on bully kutta.mostly dogs even dont dare to enter in the ring against bully kutta.thats why you will only see bully gulterrier vs bully kutta aur bully kutta against bully kutta

  27. reyboy /joco bloodline all day, eli bloodline all day, bolio bloodline all day
    chinaman bloodline all day, no dogs breed can match with this bloodline

  28. Keep in mind, It’s not the dog that is vicious, it’s the owners that make them that way.

  29. APBT’s, Bull Terriers and Amstaffs all have a strong bite and low centre of gravity so they can get to the neck easier. But it’s been said the dog to beat a Pit is a Presa Canario.


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