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Generally the following dog breeds are considered intelligent-

The Poodle,The Golden Retriever,the Labrador retriever,several Terrier breeds,. and then of course always the German Shepherd Dog or Alsatian,and  later on the Doberman,the Rottweiler,the Labrador.

In every list of most intelligent dog breeds,the Alsatian comes up any where from the third-fifth position.Ahead of the Doberman,ahead of the Rottweiler.
The Beauceron a progenitor of the Doberman has also come up top five in some list,but the Alsatian always comes up,ahead of the other guard dog breeds.

THEREFORE-The Alsatian or GSD must be the most intelligent guard dog breed.

Indeed it is.As we wrote you earlier that LGD’S such as the Kangal are intelligent enough never to attack the sheep they protect,no matter how hungry they become,the Alsatian is wise enough never to attack it’s owners,handlers,friends of it’s owners or it’s friends except these friends become furtive in which case it will recognize and contain such friends of it’s owners till it’s owners arrive.-Intelligence!
Also an Alsatian will obey commands of hold and release when it has a grip on a villain.
*The Rottweiler has been accused of becoming dangerous after about five years and may even constitute a threat to it’s owners or the children in the household.
We will briefly talk about this –
Poorly trained and socialized Rottweilers tend to become head strong as they mature and yes may even become a danger to a weak willed owner or an owner who neglected several matters when the dog was growing.
An Alsatian will remain obedient throughout,it is that intelligent.

The second most intelligent guard dog,will be between the  Beauceron,the Belgian Shepherd Malinois dog  or the Dobermen.

I give the edge to the Malinois,a smaller Alsatian look alike,very close in behavior to the Alsatian.
So my top five list of Most intelligent guard dog breeds will be-

1.The Alsatian(GSD)

2.The Malinois(Belgian Shepherd dog)

3.The Beauceron

4.The Doberman

5.The Rottweiler.

Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) picture



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