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In one of our answers to a readers question,we asked in return when last the reader had seen a Prime,26 inch tall,40 kg Alsatian dog.

Because of compromised standards we get here in Nigeria Alsatians smaller than Belgian Malinois,an Alsatian cousin which is smaller than the Alsatian.

Because of this same compromised standards,we get Alsatians being very cheap,as cheap as N25,000 sometimes.

*The Alsatian,was the first of the Security and Police dogs to come to these shores.
-Other dogs in the list of guard dogs that we wrote in a previous article that have been used for security and Police work are the Doberman,Malinois and Rottweiller.

**I will enumerate the virtues of this very great dog-

1.Intelligence:- As we wrote in an earlier article,the Alsatian is the most intelligent guard dog.
It is therefore a great asset to the family as all the house members and true friends will find it very easy to get to know and socialize with the Alsatian.

2.Strength-Do not be deceived by the lack of mean looks,the Alsatian is a very strong breed of dog.
The known strong guard dogs-The Boerboel,The Cane Corso,The Bull Mastiff and then the Rottweiler are just marginally stronger than the Alsatian.

3.Agility-The Alsatian is ahead of the above mentioned dogs in agility.
The Doberman may edge it in speed but it jumps higher than all including the Doberman.

4.Bite force-For the bite force that matters,the frontal bite force,the Alsatian is right up their with it’s wilder cousin the Grey or Gray Wolf.
In every such bite force list,the Alsatian comes top 10,sometimes top five.
The Kangal may top this list,but a careful study of head and body shape shows that the Alsatian is close on looks to the Kangal and does not fall far behind the Kangal in this bite force department.

5.Stamina-A most important dog virtue.The Alsatian will edge out the powerful gurad dog breeds mentioned above due to it’s lithe,lean make up.
The Doberman and maybe the Malinois will be the only breeds that may edge it out in this section.

In summary if you get a Prime Alsatian and you bring it up well,you will have an all rounder dog breed that is not farĀ  behind any breed of dog in any area of dog virtues.

Champion Alsatian picture


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