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The American Pit bull will be the ready answer.
Not so.This is another myth in the dog world.

-The American Pitt Bull has the greatest prey instinct,it kills most pets around it,and when it bites it is very difficult to open it’s jaws.However the dog breeds with the strongest bite force are the Kangals,then the English and bull Mastiffs,then the Rottweiler.
Surprisingly the Alsatian is a top 10,in fact a top 7 on this list.
Others are Sarabi dogs,Cane Corsos,Bully Kuta’s,Boerboels.

You might think-“But I expected the great fighting dogs,Tosa Inu,Dogo Argentino, Perro de Presa Canario to top this list”-

And we will reply-“The Lion has about half the bite force of a spotted Hyena!The Lion overcomes the Spotted Hyena by other means of combat, claws, weight, general strength…Like wise the great fighting dogs can turn on the required viciousness to win battles,especially because bite force is highest when a dog is meanest.The English Mastiff never gets mean enough to utilize it’s bite force advantage”
Once it starts a fight,the American Pitt Bull and the prime fighting dogs fight till death-Not so for most other breeds.

The Cordoba fighting dog,would rather fight than mate,it fought itself into extinction!-Not because it had the greatest bite force but because it is mean unto death-period!

In the animal world,authoritatively we can report that several animals have more bite force than the Lion-Some like the Leopard crush their preys heads with one bite.

-The Hippopotamus has a bite force of 1,821 PSI-(Pound per Square inch)
-The Spotted Hyena has a bite force of 1,100 PSI

In between these two are Gorillas, Grizzly and Polar Bears.
The Lion has a bite force of 691 PSI

The Kangal has a bite Force of about 600 PSI,The English and Bull Mastiff have a bite force of PSI: 556, the Rottweiler comes next with PSI: 328, The German Shepherd with PSI: 238.
The loudly acclaimed American Pittbull has PSI: 235 !


The simple truth is that the American Pitt Bull will exercise 100% efforts whenever it decised to bite.
It will bite and never release it’s bite.
It will fight until it dies.

IN FIGHTS WITH KANGALS, the Kangal will ultimately run off after it might have man handled the American Pitt bull a while.A KANGAL is too intelligent to fight a fellow dog unto death!

The Kangal will however exercise 100% bite force when a Wolve or Cheetah shows up!
*Wolves have greater bite forces than American Pitt Bulls,but less than Kangals.


  1. You blog entry has two false or misleading statements at the end when you say about the American Pit Bull Terrier that…
    It will bite and never release it’s bite.
    It will fight until it dies.

    Here is a video of a rescue dog named Cash. Watch at 2:03 when the dog has the toy in a bite hold and the handler yells “Out”. Dogs can be taught to release on command.

    And here is a video of Maggy, a former match dog, that now plays with other dogs. She was a fighter, but did not fight until she died. In fact, in high stakes dog fights, the dog owners don’t want their dogs to die because they are very valuable as studs.

    Please remove or reword these two statements. Thank you.

    • No need to remove words, they are factual. Of course if the dog is playing with a toy, it’ll let go if you ask it to. But when a game apbt, presa, dogo gets a hold of a perceived prey, it will not let go of the prey until the opposition is dead. Unless someone is working diligently to get the dog to let go. Left alone these dogs fight to the death Period.

    • Purebred Tibetan mastiffs (native ones +3000 altitude in Tibet,Himalaya) have the strongest bite force and even other aspects is the strongest dog breed ever and ironically is the most ancient one.a Tibetan is a match for 3 wolves ,will kill any bear 1vs1,any cougar 1 vs1.they were bred to fight cougars.caucasian shepherd is the second strongest.gsd ,rotteeilers atc are kids before those giants

  2. Wonder where you got your facts..The German Shepherd Dog measures consistently in the top three in bite force. This list is a farce.

    • Your speaking bull the gsd has been recorded with a bite from the USA military with a bite half Tht of a wolf at 750lbs the gsd has lot bigger and stronger temeptalis muscle then any other breed of dogs this is fact no where in the bite companion did the bloke show any of the dog bite readings the bloke is lieing in the other bite companion they showed 4 dogs and bite so there reading I will ageless with

  3. I think there is too much bias towards the pitbulls , the caucasians , and dobbermans have greater bite forces ……I was surprised when I saw a GSD but no dobberman

    • We agree that the Doberman and the Caucasian are able to generate huge bite forces.Perhaps in a top twenty list.The Alsatian is surprisingly very powerful.Has a larger stronger head than the Doberman.Doberman is meaner though.Nice observation,thank you.

  4. You have many false statements in this article the biggest of which is the utter nonsense about a kangal fighting a pitbull. I have watched fights between champion pitbull fighting dogs and kangals . The kangals destroyed the pitbulls and did not run away as you put it . There are plenty of these videos online so Google it . Try doing some research before posting complete and utter nonsense . Also some mastiffs ( boerboel’s for example ) have higher bite forces than you have stated up to 700 psi .

    • We do not deal with on line videos as you put it.We have the best sources of Kangals and we have observed them up close.We appreciate your comments but we are definitely averse to foul language.

  5. Also to the guy saying that getman sheperd dogs are in the top 3 , please tell me the planet you live on so I can visit one day . I own boerboels ( South african mastiffs ) bred to defend livestock and the homestead against all of Africa’s big preadators after kangals these dogs have the highest bite force . This has been proven by testing which is info also available on the Internet . Do proper research before posting guys you only make yourself look stupid

  6. There are 2 problems with this article.

    1. Measuring a bite in PSI does not make sense and any numbers you come up with will be useless. PSI is a unit of pressure, which means it is force divided by area. (pounds of force divided by square inches of area).

    2. the pressures listed are much too low, any dog can generate well over 1000PSI of pressure with a bite.

    Don’t believe me? read the explanation below:

    My house cat will bite with much lower force than my bull terrier, but the cats bite pressure is much higher.
    Explanation: since the cat has much thinner and sharper teeth, the area of contact is much smaller, meaning the pressure is higher.

    bite measured on canine teeth at the front of the mouth.

    Cat bite is estimated at 5lbs,
    Dog bite is estimated at 50lbs.

    Area of contact (biting a hardish object like a bone):
    Cat = 0.00008 square inches (point of contact is 0.25mm in diameter)
    Dog = 0.003 (point of contact is 3mm in diameter)

    Therefore bite pressure for the cat is 5/0.00008 = 62,500PSI, while the dogs bite pressure is only 50/0.003 = 16,666PSI

    Now tell me which bite is stronger? Of course the dog bite is stronger because it exerts more FORCE then the cat.
    Measuring pressure is misleading.

    To get meaningfull numbers you should measure FORCE not PRESSURE. and it should be measured at both the front of the mouth and and at the back. The force at the back will be highest since it is closest to the fulcrum. The force at the front will be lower, depending on the length of the dogs mouth. Maybe the force measurement at the front teeth would be more representative of a bite in an attack situation?
    A german shepards bite has been measured with greater force than a bulldogs bite. but the measurement was taken at the back teeth. If the measurement had been taken at the front teeth, then the bulldogs bite would have been stronger.

    • I’m sure the people in this discussion are on drugs. A dog bites with 50lbs of force at the front teeth? As you know, a dog has a lot more force biting that what it has opening its mouth. We had a huge English Staffordshire Bull Terrier many years ago who opened his mouth and popped all the rivets on his muzzle by opening his mouth. He used to grab a rope or a hose pipe and hang on while I swung him around in circles. He weighed 65lbs at 18mths of age and when I swung him around he sometimes only had hold by his small front teeth (not even the canines). I could never make him let go until he wanted to. Swinging 65lbs around in the air equates to a lot more force than 50lbs!

      Another lunatic in this thread claimed some dog could beat any bear one-on-one! A polar bear or a grizzly bear would break that dog’s back with a single swipe, with ease! One of those bears would crush that dog’s head with a single bite. One of those bears would slice that dog with a single swipe of its claws.

      Fanboys are the most uneducated and hilarious people in YouTube.

    • So basically what your saying is that an alligator has a stronger bite force than a turtle at the back of its jaws but not in the front because the gators mouth is longer… Your a fukn idiot. If say dog ‘A’ has a stronger bite force than dog “B” dog A’s bite force will also have a stronger bite force at it’s K9’s.

  7. Dog’s Arena, I have several issues with your article, of which I ask you research and edit.
    1.It is Dogo Argentino, not Argentina.
    2. You grouped them as fighting dogs. They are not fighting dogs, they were bred to hunt big game.
    3. The Dogo Argentino is one of a few dogs that still performs its original job. As a result every generation of Dogo Argentino has proven hunter which requires every generation to have massive proven bite strength.

    • No dog “Including the APBT” was breed to fight. ALL dogs were breed to hunt, protect/guard etc. The bloodhound for example used to track.

  8. Wow, I see a lot of Dog lovers defending the Honour/s of their favorite breed/s. Ladies(if any left comments), and Gentlemen! Please let us all take a minute to breathe. The person who put up the information above stated is a human being, thus is capable of making mistakes. There is no need to resort to cursing and harsh tones. We all love our dogs and want to learn more about them. Please lets keep it civilized, I didnt see Neapolitan mastiffs in here but didnt resort to calling the whole page utter nonsense. Correct dont Condemn. Thank You all.

  9. Actually a relative’s female kangal killed a pit bull a couple of years ago. The pitbull was running towards the kangal, hit him in the knee (knee broken) when he tried to get between the dogs.
    The kangal was injured but surprisingly not too bad, pitbull died. The kangal was “ashamed” is the closest we can describe for the broken knee of its master. Took over a year for her to act normal around him again.

    • When they choose to be really mean,Both Kangals and Boz Shepherds are the ultimate.But the American Pit Bull Terrier is always really mean.This is the great difference.An APBT at 98%,100% is a badder package than a Kangal or Boz at 50%,leisurely,while the APBT takes all such combat issues seriously.Like comparing a friendly grapple to a fight unto death.

      • Pit Bulls are vastly overrated. A German guy in a thread in YouTube was telling me how Rottweilers in Germany are nothing like the overweight lumbering oafs you see in the USA and Australia, for example. I know what he means because the Staffordshire Bull Terriers in the UK are nothing like the inferior specimens I see here in Australia! He told me the proper Rottweilers beat Pit Bulls easily and sent me about 20 links to prove this. I watched every one of the videos in the links and he was spot on. The Rottweilers were lean and athletic and beat the crap out of the Pit Bulls with relative ease. They were much smarter fighters and took advantage of their size and strength. They knock the Pit Bulls down very easily and then used their weight to keep them down and grabbed the throat of the Pit Bull.

        There was an article in a local newspaper about 20 yrs ago covering underground dog fighting in Russia. The Russians were importing APBTs, English SBTs and English Bull Terriers and illegally fighting them. All the crowd was booing because an 18mth old female SBT was killing the APBTs in under 3 mins and they hated it because they wanted to see a long drawn out blood-fest. The SBT is a much better fighter and much more intelligent fighter. From EVERY fight I have seen of APBTs – they rush in, literally running straight at the other dog. They bounce off much larger and stronger dogs and then they are in trouble as the larger dog gets on top and uses its weight to advantage. The SBT is smaller than an APBT, but is a smart fighter, like a professional boxer. They zig zag, dodge and weave, then get under the dog and take its throat. Some of them jump over a large dog’s back, run under it and then grab the throat, all to confuse it before nailing it.

        APBT are seriously mean and game dogs, but they are not intelligent fighters. They just rush in and bite (like any other clueless dog does) only they are generally stronger and more aggressive. They usually win because the other dog does not want to fight any longer and not through any kind of skill or intelligence. They meet their match every time they meet a smarter and more capable fighter.

  10. The average Akita has a PSI of 350. My Akita is abnormally large weighing in at 130 only at 1 year of age and the vet tested his PSI at 395. He stated it is due to the fact that he’s so large. We are expecting him to weigh in between 150-160 fully grown.

  11. I’ve read g. sheepards have 750 psi bites, and rotties have the most powerful bites. (Looking at them you can see their strength.) The internet has all sots of different #s and can’t always can trusted.

    • Rotts don’t even come close. Strongest bite force breeds are from the mastiff family #1 being boz shepherd followed closely by the kangal.

  12. Right now I have a Dogo Argitino they have more stamina than any Dog i have owned, I lost my pit bull 3 months back she was a great dog with a great bite force, I raised Dobermans and some Dobys are bad to the core I had 1 name doby he went 85 lb and a short stocky neck, I would have put him against a pit bull I had a fellow worker rag me every day about his German Shepard would beat my Doberman he would do it in front of all the men, One day I told him I was tired of hearing about his German Shepard I told him go home get your dog and meet me behind this school and bring you a big sack, He said what is the sack for I said that is what your dog will be brought home in, He never spoke about my dobys any more. My Dogo Argtino is 4 months old she will push 50 lb she is a great dog they have no smell she could be 2 feet behind a deer and the deer never know it.

    • Your also speaking bull my gsd is a working like and he would rip any Doberman apart Gsds are stronger built more intelligent and a lot stronger my boys was red to fight he was the best until the police tuck him off me then he came bk not the same but still rip any Doberman up

    • You should never let your ego get your dog into a fight. Dogs fight sometimes and I have little worry about this and I will usually let them work it out on their own and only break them if it’s getting too serious or goes on too long, but most often it is more show and bluster than damage. I allow this because it’s natural and allows them to figure out the pecking order. Getting your dogs and meeting behind a school for your dogs to fight is not natural and is hardly fair to the dogs who had no argument with each other. Just be zen around assholes like your workmate. It’s mind over matter….you shouldn’t mind, because it doesn’t matter.

  13. I hate to tell DogsArena Dobermans are 1 use 1 b and their Bite force is in the top ten i believe at #8 so know what your talking about, A Doberman is the only dog in the world that their Jaws unhinge which gives them a great bite force look it up, I know the facts before I post them, God bless.

    • No dogs jaws will unhinge!! You must be thinking about a snake. I’ve owned Dobies all my life, and I’m absolutely positive that there jaws do not unhinge!! Dobermans are a very formidable opponent for other breeds because of their speed and agility. However, they are no match for the Presa Canario!!! Thanks!

  14. An interesting thing to note is the vast difference in bite force, not just between different lines of the same breed, but between different dogs within the same line of breed. As an owner and breeder of pitbulls, the line of dogs bred from ch Plumber’s alligator are known to have a considerably more destructive bite, as did the Patrick bred dogs. Even within the line I breed one dog may have a soft mouth and a large hard cured bone will last weeks with it, while another will crunch it to pieces in a few hours. Also, it appears to me that some dogs just want to bite harder at certain times and not at others. Knowing this and liking science and methodology I think it would be interesting to know how large of a cross section of each breed was tested to come to these results, and if it were large and varied, what the outlying numbers were….and if it were low in number, like just a dog or two and of just one line in the breed, I’d say the numbers would be less valid.

  15. Any and every so called test of dog bite force has different results. I personally think that the bias of tester in preference of one breed or another has a lot to do with the outcome results.
    Having said that, I owned a Gascon Bluetick Hound that I could not pen if he could get his jaws through the wire. If he could do so, he would bite the wire in two, and open a hole large enough to escape the pen. He could also rip a roughly 3 inch by 6 inch chunk of hire from a bear. I know because he presented me with pieces of bear hide like that three times.
    Did I measure his bite pressure? No but it was sufficient that he was never injured in a fight with any animal he hunted.

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