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ADDENDUM! – The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed – THE TAIBADI DOG BREED

palang taibadi

In the Original article about Dog Breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed,we had the following dog breeds-

1.Malak dog

2.Kangal Dog

3.Boz Shepherd dog

4.Akbash dog

5.Anatolian Shepherd dog

6.Alabai-The Turkmenistani Alabai

7.Central Asian Ovcharko-from Russia—Not to be confused with the Caucasian Ovcharko


9.American Mastiff.

We have been reminded by Gurus in DOG TALK that we left out a few other Cousins viz-

10.The Taibadi dog breed,A  Kangal look alike from Afghanistan,the home country of the elegant Afghan hounds.

11.The Great Pyrenees, an Akbash cousin

12.The Spanish Mastiff-An Anatolian shepherd cousin


A rare dog breed from Afghanistan.
In all the informed articles we studied,the dog was likened to a Boz or Kangal,was not registered due to rarity and remoteness,shared Kangal type size and abilities.

Quoting from Mastiff- we get the following posts by Hamid-
” Rare and purebred but has not registered yet (first breed from many)

    while searching in different places of the world you can find breeds which you didnt hear anything about it anymore . they may be strong , agile or brave . you adore them but dont know their name! this big man is one of them . a taibadi , kuchi , or afghani breed . hight: 85 cm , weight: 80 kg , place: iran , native to afghanistan , application: shame to say , namealang . his grand pa is tibetan mastiff . great claw , strong jaw , sharp teeth and brave spirit . ready for being an cute puppy.!! if you like it tell me your think ! ”

All in all a great breed,we read some more and came to this conclusion.

Picture courtesy-panlang tabadi

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