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ADDENDUM!-The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed – THE SPANISH MASTIFF

Spanish Mastiff

In the Original article about Dog Breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed,we had the following dog breeds-

1.Malak dog
2.Kangal Dog
3.Boz Shepherd dog
4.Akbash dog
5.Anatolian Shepherd dog
6.Alabai-The Turkmenistani Alabai
7.Central Asian Ovcharko-from Russia—Not to be confused with the Caucasian Ovcharko
9.American Mastiff.

We have been reminded by Gurus in DOG TALK that we left out a few other Cousins viz-

10.The Taibadi dog breed,A Kangal look alike from Afghanistan,the home country of the elegant Afghan hounds.
11.The Great Pyrenees, an Akbash cousin
12.The Spanish Mastiff-An Anatolian shepherd cousin


The last but not the list,in fat the LARGEST of the KANGAL related dogs is the Spanish Mastiff.
Two sub types-The Thicker Mountain breed and the leaner low lands breed.

A gigantic dog that can weigh up to 100 kgs!similar in size to the English Mastiff,agile enough to guard sheep and defend them from Wolves.
They are cousins of the Anatolian Shepherd dog.
They are huge barkers,rambling huge barks.

Sizes-They are massive!

Males are at least 30 inches tall.They weigh 80kg -120 kg.The largest breed on this list!
Females are at least 28 inches tall.They weigh 70kg-100kg.

Like the English Mastiff,it has a great bite force,higher than most dogs,about same as Kangal,more than the Rottweiler,but lacks the meanness to sustain it.

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