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The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed- Part 7 – Sarabi dog breed

Again we move Geographically,from former U.S.S.R to Iran, there we find another Kangal related dog,the Sarabi or Sarabis or Iranian Mastiff or Persian Mastiff.

A Mastiff type Kangal relation that is a fighting dog.

A true fighting giant,we present a few write ups direct from source-

1. Courtesy –
The Persian Sarabi Dogs (Persian Mastiff) are some of the most powerful dogs in the world that originate in Iran. This dog?s fight with any other dog including pitbull and Alabai end with the lose of the other side and this dog is only found in Iran (origin sarab city) and used for hunting bears.

2. Sarabi (persian mastiff) a fighter dog which not famous in world but except iran!!

They are big dogs with strong muscles , big head , warrior nature with shepherding duty !
In afghanistan , pakistan and exc unfortunately they used for fighting against afghan (taibadi) , alabaii and other fighter breeds in betting avents . they can growing to 85 cm and 90 kg in good condition (my mean that just eating enough food in day not eating dry bred for a day!!!! ). They breedig to tollerate hard condition , less food , bad weather and love the lowest from their owners!!!!! i think they are strong as well as tosa inu in fight .unfortunately this breed has not registered to now . Here i upload some pictures of this breed . hope to be useful for experts .

Sarabi picture courtesy – and the above title.

One comment on “The Dog breeds related to the KANGAL dog breed- Part 7 – Sarabi dog breed

  1. hi to all ….
    what are you saying ………?
    sarabi dog not famuse in the world but this dogs is vary old ………..
    sarabi dog from sarab region of azarbayjan state of iran.,_East_Azerbaijan

    sarabi dogs is father of the kangal and caocasian dog.
    sarabi dog have over than 20 tips and overall 3 breed in term of the hair.
    kangal is one of the type of this ancient dogs.
    by thanks

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