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The Great Dane-A harmless giant?

From about 1975 when I started having great interest in dog breeds,the Great Dane name had always popped up.
The Guiness book of Wolrd records from about that time consistently reported that the two Tallest Dog breeds were the Great Dane and The Irish Wolf Hound.
The Tallest Dogs then were about 40 inches tall (about one Meter).
Today we have records of Giant George,43 inches Tall(1.10M)  and before that Titan about 3/4 inch shorter and Presently Zeus,at 44 inches!

These extremes do not interest me,the standards,the regular,the averages interest me more.-The very tall Great Danes stand on shaky long legs,more cosmetic than practical.

-The breed standards for Great Dane Males is 30-34.5 inches tall.
So many other dogs fall within this range-The Kangal,The Bully Kuta,The American Mastiff,The Great Pyrenees,The English Mastiff.
Some of these dogs are fighter dogs,but not so the Great Dane.

So back to our question-Is the Great Dane a harmless Giant?-
Well yes and no.A Great Dane can be trained to be a guard dog.If it grows up with Doberman dogs,Rottweilers and Alsatians,it may end up being more the leader,or alternatively end up as the clown.
Great Danes are a little bite shy on their own and they do not have very great bite force.However it’s impressive size,gait and mannerism is a massive plus.
ALSO – Great fighting dogs such as the Dogo Argentina,The Bully Kuta,the Canis Panther used the Great Dane as part of the mix.

When mixed with the Doberman(Doberdane), or the Rottweiller(Rottdane) or The Boerboel or Bull Mastiff a very harmful giant is created.As always not every Great Dane enthusiast is in support of these mixes.
 Zeus, 44 inches tall,currently tallest Dog in the world.
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One comment on “The Great Dane-A harmless giant?

  1. I’ve owned Great Danes. And as ever it depends on how they are reared. But on average the Great Dane has a tendency to be a Gentle Giant rather than a dangerous, mouthy dog. It’s a lovely breed.
    Very loving, loyal, affectionate and funny too!
    I’ve owned Dobermans, A Rottweiler a German Shepard and three Great Danes, at different times. (Always one dog at a time.) I loved them all, obviously. But the Great Danes were special. Will never own (or BE owned by lol) a different breed again..❤️

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