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The Cane Corso vs The Rottweiler!

Cane Corso
In this comparison we will look at the following criteria-size,strength,stamina,Jaw/bite strength speed,agility,general combat ability and guard dog ability.
The Cane Corso is a large working dog,descended from the ancient Roman Molossus.An Italian dog breed,a fighting dog in times past.
The Rottweiler is essentially now a German dog breed.
1.  Size
Cane Corso
Height, Males 24.5 – 27 inches (62 – 68 cm) Females 23.5 – 25 inches (61 – 64 cm)
Weight:  Males 45 – 50 kg Females 40 – 45 kg
Height: Males 24 – 27 inches (61 – 68 cm) Females 22 – 25 inches (56 – 64 cm)
Weight: Males  43 – 59 kg Females  38 – 52 kg
About same height but the Rottweiler has a slight weight advantage.This advantage is however because the Cane Corso is naturally a leaner dog.

2. Strength – All things being equal,more weight in the animal world translates to more strength as long as there is no case of obesity.But in this case the Cane Corso is the marginally stronger dog.

3.  Stamina-Without doubt the leaner Cane Corso has more stamina for fight or flight.

4.Jaw/Bite Strength – The Rottweiler is said to have the second strongest jaw in the dog world.Which dog has the strongest?-The Boerboel?The Kangal?The American Pitt Bull?-We will write on this in latter postings.
For this comparison,the two dogs matched up have about similar Jaw/ Bite strength,especially for the Box head German Rottweilers.Not so for the leaner American Rottweilers.

Points 5,6,7 i.e. Speed, Agility, and General combat ability – The Cane Corso is much faster,much more agile and marginally more combat capable,it bears pain much better than a Rottweiler and indeed much better than almost all other dogs.

8.  Guard dog ability-In a previous article,we wrote that the Cane Corso edges out the Rottweiler marginally in the area of guard dog ability,however we must point out that the Rottweiler is a great guard dog and is more bite ready than the Cane Corso.

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27 comments on “The Cane Corso vs The Rottweiler!

  1. The jaw strength of these to breeds DO NOT match up. Cane Corso a type of mastiff has a proven jaw strength of over 552psi, were the rottweiler has a proven jaw strength of 328psi that is a considerable difference.. I have owned both of these dogs. Owning a corsi now. My corso weighs 170lbs. and stands 32 1/2 inches at the withers.. NO he is not a mutant freak and yes he is a pure breed. His father weighs 168lbs. We also previously owned a 235lb english mastiff. after the passing of our english mastiff we decided to go with the corso thinking he would be much smaller, he is smaller but not as small as we thought… Our vet has assured us that there is nothing wrong with his size and that its not that uncommon to have a corsi be much bigger then average breed statistics.. all i can say is that yes the rottie is a big dog but i’ve never seen one remotely close to my corsi’s size and i’ve yet to meet the rottie that can crack a golf ball in half with its teeth in under 3 mins. Final thought i’d rather take my chances with a rottie going after me then a corso, the absolute strength he has is unbelievable.. The corso is much more protective and very aloof with strangers.. Repair men are nervous wrecks when they see him looking out and barking.. I can see a difference in the guarding of our family and home .. Yes the rottie is a great protector, but theres just something about the corso that honestly puts me at more ease with him watching over us.. He will not back down to anything or anyone .. all i can say is i feel sorry for the person who would ever try and harm my family….

    • Yes the Cane Corso is a formidable dog breed.Remember a long time ago the Corso was both a gladiator and a catch dog for hogs during hunting.We will review based on recent inflow of details.I am however a little worried about the size of your Cane Corso,I am good with 28 inches withers height and 52kg maximum weight for a lean adult male.

    • My Corso is 164 lbs and he would most definitely protect me with his life. The only drawback to his size is he takes up way to much room on the bed when he sneaks on it at night.

    • My cane corso is 16 months old and weighs 120 whereas his mom 156 and dad 187 all alc and iccf both parents grand champions agility, composition won best in show 5 times. She a pussy cat with people but other dogs she wants to kill on site. I also own a boxer female and they dispize one another. The only thing I’ve learned is never own two females at the same time but my corso is my baby even though she powers over me.

    • Ignorant. The mastiff they tested in that show was a 150 pound dog. The Rottweiler they tested was only 86 pounds….it’s on YouTube called nat geo jaw strength… they said bigger head=bigger bite. To compare the bite strength of 2 dogs 80 pounds apart in weight shows your intelligence. A 130 pound Rottweiler is gonna bite a lot harder than a 86 pound Rottweiler.

  2. I have recently own a rottwieler and my neighbors to the right of owned a blue cane corso and my neighbors to the left owner a pitbull. All three of these dogs where peer bred and my rottwieler has fought both and he killed the pit bull and dang near the cane corso so a rottwieler is stronger than a cane corso

    • Your right denzel me owning a male rotty atm and owning a cane corso in the past i can clearly see the differance the rotty is much powerfull and is more protective i aint saying the cane corso is bad it just that it aint as steady powerfull than the rott and the root surly has more strenght as they were use for pulling carriges around with a load on there so me here votes for the strongest dogs between these is a rott

      • Cane corso bite force– 552 lbs psi.
        Rottweiler bite force — 328 lbs psi
        Similar in height and weight but the corso is much more muscular and leaner and a heck of a lot quicker with much more agility.

      • Many dog owners throw the bull just as many car owners about how fast their cars are and the gas mileage of their cars. They both are b/s artists .

    • First of all.u are a scumbag who should never own a dog in the first fighting is sadistic and very cruel.want to test ur dog strength? Take him hunting with u in a forest or use him as a herding dog if u own livestock.

    • I own a Cane Corso crossed with Akita/Pitt weighing in at 120. He’s lean and can jump to get a sandwich 8 feet in the air. The Rotty can far out weigh a cane corso and I agree, size makes a big difference. Though a tug a war champ and pitt bull manhandler, I would not allow my boy tangle with a 150 lb rotty. I wouldn’t want him to face off with any close to his size, except an average great dane or large lab with an ego problem.

    • Doubt it. Very unlikely. Not saying your lying but the facts lie within the breed. They were used as guard dogs to royalty and known for killing bear

  3. There’s no such thing as an American Rottweiler. You either have a good rott or a shitty rott. In any breed of dog to come to a acccurate result you would need to test hundreds or thousands of each breed and compile the data. I own a Corso and have many friends who own Rottweilers. Both are very strong Mastiffs and can be dominant guarding protectors. From what I have experienced the males are more guarding more protective. I’ve seen aggressive protective females as well. But in my opinion what sets the corso apart from any other Mastiff is when you read about the breed characteristics TRAINABLE is one of them.

    • I do agree with most of what you have said, however the Rotty is easier to train than the Corso based on the fact, the Rott is more intelligent.

  4. I have a cane Carso they are powerful dogs my cane Carso and me went hunting and he killed a bear all by himself

  5. After reading the above I couldn’t resist putting my two cents worth in. I have had 9 Rotties in my life time, breed two of them and showed some in the ring. I can honestly say I have had some of the smartest dogs anyone could possibly have had, and I can honestly say I have had probably the dumbest dogs on earth. I mean absolutely not trainable but nice and friendly with not one mean bone in their body. I think that a lot depends on what breeder you get your dog from, and what the genetics look like from the parents, kinda like people. Today, I look forward to finding the right breeder for a Cane Corso for my future pet.

  6. I currently own a 145 pound corso and don’t get me wrong he is a formidable guard dog and a great all around companion but with that being said he wouldn’t have lasted 5 seconds against Wattson my 160 pound deceased Rottweiler. He was so smart loyal and when he was in attack mode nothing could stop him. He survived being hit by a car with nothing more than bruised and also survived being shot accidentally by a hunter with a. Small caliber riffle! All in all he was the toughest dog on earth

  7. I have owned both Corso’s and Rotties though both were great guards and super intelligent, my Rhodesian Ridgeback is by far the best dog. Super alert and very quick to problem solve. Last year we had to get a plumber into repair a leak at our house, after about an hour my wife shouted to the plumber to see if he wanted another cup of coffee while he was carrying out the repair, she heard nothing then looked out the window to see if he was getting tools out of the back of his van, however his van had gone too. We were shocked (why had the plumber left), I grabbed my cell phone to call him as I did I wandered up to the bathroom (where he was working on the leak) well I nearly fell over with shock at what I saw. Prime our Ridgeback was underneath the sink with a spanner in his mouth fixing the leak, it was as incredible, it really was. I phoned the plumber and he said he thought it was a joke at first but was amazed at what he saw. Really clever dog, we wouldn’t be without him…

  8. some remarksvare pure poppycock. Both are great dogs. innate characteristics vary between individuals, They also take their cue from their masters. Enough said. Breeders are the next vsriable to include. some breeders breed for size, temperament, confirmation, intelligence.

  9. I rescued a female cane corso from an abusive degenerate person. It took patience and lotsa love and affection to bring my Trinity round to the kind of dogs they are. I’ve had a big Female Rottweiler …she weighed bout 160 lbs. Kashmir lived to the age of 13. Wonderful family pet. I owned a female pit bull Duchess she weighed bout 85 lbs if memory serves me well. All 3 dogs ..beautiful. Cane corsos have a dominate side..which because of the abuse she endured as a puppy it made her dominance come forth as she grew. These are all powerful dogs…in my experience Cane Corsos do have an edge on rotts and pits. HOWEVER.. PERSONS/owners should never ever encourage dogs to be either aggressive or fight. That turns my stomach. People like that have something wrong in their brains or are power trippers and use dogs to portray intimidation and aggressiveness. These are spectacular pets and people whom encourage powerful dogs like these breeds..should be jailed and they shouldNOT ever have any dog. Trinity has adjusted very well from the abusive person whom had her as a puppy….to myself and my families love. I walk her and play indoor or out but I always be sure she is chained when outside…I will be putting a high fence so she can have more freedom to move around. And yes if you let them on your bed..u gotta make sure you take your space or you can land on the floor lol…she hugs you in the morning and the love you see as u look into her eyes is so touching. I may start breeding…with research into any potential buyer for Cane Corso…and once you have one of these corsos you most probably will always want another after they have run their course of life. But you want the one you have to live forever. They are instinctively extremely intelligent …and at times hilariously funny. Often people whom know her say she’s a person not just a dog as her communication is truly astounding. In closing, love, respect your dog no matter what breed they are. The rewards are enriching to your life together! Unconditional bond of love!!!

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