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Cheetah and wolf – The KANGAL can manhandle them!

The Cheetah is the fastest animal over short distances.
The Cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 96.6 km/h (60.0 mph) in under three seconds, though endurance is limited: most Cheetahs run for only 60 seconds at a time-Carwardine, Mark (2008). Animal Records. New York: Sterling. pp. 11, 43. ISBN 9781402756238 .
When sprinting, cheetahs spend more time in the air than on the ground- Bardo, Matt (2012-09-08).
“Cheetah’s speed secrets revealed”. BBC Nature. Retrieved 2012-01-07.

Top speed is 112–120 km/h (70–75 mph).

I Continue in my own words  with proven facts,devoid of personal opinion-The Cheetah is also a very capable big  cat.Lighter in weight than many of the big cats,the Cheetah is non the less among the big cats like Lions,Tigers,Jaguars,Leopards.

In this article we will write about the Kangal and the Cheetah.
In a subsequent article we will write about the Kangal and the Wolf.
The Cheetah is more combat capable than any Wolf,and so the feat of the Kangal in manhandling Cheetahs is a greater feat than that of manhandling Wolves.

The Kangal dog is able to physically ward of Cheetahs from Live stock.This means that Cheetahs would rather take off than confront a Kangal dog.
NO OTHER DOG breed has been used for this purpose.
How is the Kangal able to do this?-The Kangal is a very fast dog,according to Wikipedia the Kangal can achieve 50 km per hour.For a dog this is very fast.
but still much slower than a Cheetah.However the Kangal has instantaneous spring take off,snarling all the while and this will put panic in any Cheetah.
The Kangal has great strength and agility,and a great bite force.
Kangals have traditional neck guards that protect their necks in combat.
They also naturally  have strong hair on their necks,around the throat  for the same purpose of protection.

The Cheetah has dual tools of attack,the paw nails and the bite.The Kangal has only the bite,but with general maneuverability and agility is able to offset the dual attack advantage of the Cheetah.

The result is that in the African countries such as Namibia and now Tanzania where these dogs have been introduced,Cheetahs now keep away from live stock and farmers do not have to shoot them any more.
In fact Cheetahs now recognize the booming,menacing barks of a Kangal and generally stay off without any need for confrontation and combat.

This now conserves the Cheetah population and live stock are preserved also.A win win situation thanks to the Kangal!Kangal picture Courtesy Wikipedia

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  1. Hello sir! I read a couple of your other articles on the bite forces of domestic dogs, and was quite impressed. You are better-researched than most on the subject, and I was gladdened to hear from someone who was able to make intelligent and truthful distinctions and see beyond the common myths.

    This article regarding the combat capabilities of the Kangal and cheetah is another good article where you have again made a lot of intelligent and truthful observations and distinctions that I agree with. Although I don’t quite agree with your interpretation of why cheetahs will run from a barking Kangal that is protecting livestock, nor do I agree with the conclusion that Kangals are more dangerous combat artists than cheetahs.

    You did state that the cheetah is more combat-capable than the wolf, which I certainly agree with. I’m also impressed to hear you say this, because many or most would believe that the wolf wins that battle.

    The problem there is that the cheetah is one of the most underestimated animals, most actually aren’t in possession of most of the facts regarding what the cheetah is capable of and the physical and mental tools it possesses, facts that are available by viewing films of cheetahs both in the hunt, and defending themselves against other large predators. These films will surprise most who have not actively viewed cheetah footage beyond the odd nature documentary where they are featured killing a gazelle and running from a pack of hyenas.

    Cheetahs kill animals that are much much larger and more dangerous than any that a wolf could deal with. And in my opinion, the Kangal as well.

    You mentioned in this article that you planned to write a follow-up article on why you believe the Kangal would beat the wolf. I’d be interested in reading your reasonings behind this. I certainly don’t agree that the Kangal would beat the wolf, however I still would be interested in your reasonings for your viewpoint. I tried to find this article, but if I’m correct, you haven’t written it yet?

    Anyway I thought I’d put my own case across regarding the cheetah, as well as provide a few film clips in support. However so that I’m not creating overlong threads, I’ll end this one here and start a new one.

  2. One of the charges made against the cheetah is it’s cowardly. I provide few few excerpt in contradiction to that charge:

    And here is a mother cheetah successfully fighting off a PACK of hyenas:

    Another charge is that because the cheetah’s claws are semi-retractable, that they are blunt.

    If you look at the paws of a cheetah up close, you see that the cheetah’s claws actually come out the top of it’s toes and sit a long way off the ground. They are very sharp. Most folks think because they don’t fully retract they are constantly being blunted on the ground. However they only hit the ground when running, and then they sharpen them back up afterwards on trees. Hyenas seem to have a very healthy respect for the sharpness of their claws.

    Another charge is that the cheetah only kills very small prey.

    A cheetah can kill much larger prey than a lone wolf can, and larger prey than a wolf PACK can. A lone cheetah kills wildebeest, ostrich, warthog, and 3 cheetahs take down an adult zebra. I’ve also seen lone inexperienced cheetah’s attempt to take down adult zebra and come pretty close.

    There are only a couple of predators in the cheetah’s environment that can take the kill from a cheetah. The lion, usually the hyena but not all the time, and the leopard. The animals that the cheetah would flee from, the lone wolf would flee from too.

    Another charge of the cheetah is that they have weak jaws.

    The cheetah is far more powerful than most realize. Their bite force psi is twice that of the German Shephard and pitbull, and a fair bit more than a gray wolf.

    Cheetah: 475 ppsi

    Gray Wolf 406 ppsi

    The difference in bite force is actually even greater than these number infer. The bite force with wolves (and dogs) is taken from the back of the jaws, however the front of their jaws have much less bite force. While canids like the wolf and kangal have a better effective bite force than other canids with larger jaws, there is still a very large difference between the effective bite force of a canid and a cat. The cheetah’s bite force is fairly similar front AND back.

    Folks assume cheetahs have weak jaws and weak fragile body. The things they routinely do in the hunt, rolling with large prey and riding kicking bucking zebra from the back like a lion, would see a human hospitalized.

    Huge advantage cats have over dogs and wolves is grappling.

    I think the wolf would need to be twice the weight of a cheetah to be at combat parity.

  3. I’d like the address the issue of cats and bears running from livestock guardians. Cats and bears don’t usually fight unless there is a reaon. When they approach livestock, they are attempting to take their prey without being discovered. When a livestock guardian such as the Kangal discovers the cat or bear, the cat or bear runs because it knows it’s been discovered and would not be able to take their prety without being harrassed by humans and a pack of dogs.

    Large bears sometimes sneak onto people’s properties looking for food. Oftentimes they will run when discovered by a house cat or a small dog. This does not mean that the house cat or dog is more dangerous than the bear. They don’t have egos and won’t fight unless there’s a reason.

    I have watched a lot of cheetah vs hyena, and hyena vs leopard. It seems that the solitary cheetah runs the solitary spotted hyena off nearly 50% of the time. And it seems that in general the leopard and hyena are about at combat parity. The cheetah is only a little below hyena and leopard in combat capability.

  4. Back to bite forces.

    These are some of the bite forces numbers in pounds psi for comparison:

    Pitbull: 235

    German Shephard: 238

    Rottweiler :328

    Wolf: 406

    Cheetah: 475

    Lion: 691

    Siberian Tiger: 950

    Hyena: 1,050

    Grizzly Bear: 1250

    The cat’s jaw is shaped and constructed in such a way that their bite force is fairly uniform front and back. This makes a huge difference in combat situation as in a scrap canids aren’t usually able to bite with the most powerful part of their jaws, unless they have their prey disabled.

    The saltwater crocodile is a good example of this, their jaws are shaped in such as way that the back of their jaws have a bite force of 7,770 ppsi. However the further down the jaws you go, the lower the bite force, until the front of their jaws is nowhere near 7,700 ppsi.

    If a cheetah has a bite force of 475 and the wolf 406, then the effective combat bite force of the cheetah is even greater than the numbers indicate.

    One other thing, the hyena has a similar situation going on as dogs and wolves. It’s effective combat bite force tends to be much less due to the structure of their jaws. In combat situations, I believe they would have a lower bite force than the lion, even if it’s greater at the back.

  5. I have studied the bobcat, including testimonials of folks who have owned both bobcat and large dogs like rottweiler together, as well as media reports of bobcats massacring multiple pitbulls with ease, as well as testimonial of hunters who use packs of dogs to hunt in bobcat territory.

    All these records at unanimous, in solo combat the bobcat can beat just about all domestic dogs on the planet with the possible exception of a couple like the Kangal, of which they are about at combat parity. The wolf would beat the bobcat by a little, and obviously the cheetah would beat it quite easily.

    I’ve seen one cheetah walking without fear through a large pack of agitated African Wild Dogs, you could tell the cheetah was much more powerful than any few of those dogs. This PACK of wild dogs had fear of the cheetah and wouldn’t go near it, and you could tell they would if they could.

    In terms of pure strength, pound-for-pound cats are far more powerful than canids. Most domestic dogs need to be several times the weight of a cat to be at combat parity, and that includes the cheetah.

    While it’s true that cheetahs give up some power for speed and agility, they are still immensely strong in comparison to both humans and most canids. Pound-for-pound cats are stronger than apes and in comparison to most other predators have amazing attributes all-round, even considering relative strengths and weakness in relation to other cats.

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