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American Bull dog (Bandogge) Pictures

The pictures are of an American Bulldog.
This dog is a brother to Adriane,the American Bull dog we featured in an earlier article.
However this dog by the choice of it’s owner,a friend of the Dogs Arena team,has been turned into a bandogge.
A most violent and vicious dog,it was impossible to get introduced to him.
We have in the past pointed out that dog must  be properly socialized.
Proper socialization does not make a dog less able to guard or protect.
It only makes the dog more humane and friendly to those who the owner accept.
It’s true ability will come up when an intruder shows up.
A bandogge on the other hand will only accept it’s  owner and the handlers who have been associated with it from it’s very early days.
We will write more about this Bandogge concept in future articles.

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