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The Dog show part 1

The dog show is a most elaborate ceremony.
Judges of great experience and bearing come together to meticulously judge dogs of same breed to find those that most conform to standards and these become champion bloodlines.
Prices and ribbons are affixed and the cheering audience go back home fulfilled.
I will begin this narrative by using  the Wikipedia definition of a dog show.
According to Wikipedia:-
Dog show can refer to:
roachGSDpup1 index 1
I will continue now with my own words:

I do not want to be a rebel or a Pariah in the dog world.
Neither do I want to whip up old sentiments about the human race and the “perfect” human.
But we all know that man thrives on class distinction.Class and Creed are nouns that come up regularly.
In an effort to keep up this artificial level of existence,man would inbreed,cousins will marry cousins and negative traits in the family such as hemophilia will continue.!
If you will carefully study English, Swiss,American,German history,you will find that the sources of these people trying to maintain  ‘purity” and ultimate class were normal old time ordinary folk.
Enough of humans and their efforts,let us continue DOG TALK.
All present day dog breeds,were not always pure breeds but results of generations of interbreeding.
Why then would we have a dog show in America for pure,American Mastiffs when in actual fact the American Mastiff is not pure but a mix of an English Mastiff and a Turkish Kangal or Turkish Anatolian Shepherd?
Why would we have a dog show for slant German Shepherd dogs when the working class German shepherds were straight back?
Why would an American Bulldog which is a mix of several dogs and indeed a dog that is still undergoing further mixes by  breeders such as JDJ(John.D.Johnson)  be regarded as a pure breed?
Why would dogs like The Black Boerboel,The Roman Rottweiler and the Canis Panther not be permitted to appear in Dog Shows?
Again given that all dogs are mixes,who determines when the mixing should stop?
The Dogo Argentina is recognized by the top standards organization but the Canis Panther is not.
The Black Boerboel is now recognized by some standard organization,but not all.
This is my first issue with the dog shows for ‘pure breeds”!
My second issue is that all dogs for shows are virile dogs,dogs capable of breeding.
They must not have been neutered or spayed.This means that the expectation is that these champion dogs will continue to breed more and more “royal’ champions,but there are millions of dogs abandoned,pure breeds and mongrels or Mutts or Curs alike.
Dog breeding of any sort should be controlled.Dogs should never become so many as to loose value.Dog breeders should make most of their money from the services their dogs can provide in dog shows,as models so that their pictures are  thus used,as picture companions for people who will pay for them.
Your dogs and puppies will bring you more money if you expose them and get them human pals who will be friends with your dog and contribute to your dogs upkeep by paying anytime they come to take pictures or walk around with your dogs.
The amount paid need not be much,what you need are more and more people to know  your dogs and you will earn very good .Model dogs also earn a lot.
We do not encourage dog fighting,in fact we abhor it,but it is another huge source of income for dog owners in many countries of the world.
Dogs show be rare/few but good looking,healthy and good sized.
In conclusion,we at Dogs Arena Nigeria will concentrate on Novelty dog shows this year,These shows will have several breeds,all  standard sized and primed.
We will also give room for one off shows of good looking Mixes,notable among them The Caucasian-German Shepherd dog mix,The Great Dane-Doberman mix,The Great Dane-Rottweiler mix,The Boerboel-Rottweiler mix and the Great Dane-Boerboel mix.-Many enthusiasts DO NOT like these mixes,but the truth is that from  such mixes,healthy puppies and dogs are gotten!
The Boerboel is a mix of so very many dogs,and as such very healthy.

The debate about the black Boerboel lasted so long  and is still on all because a dog of several mixed breeds has no right to deviate from standards and be black.Who set the standards??

In part 2 of this narrative we will look at the Black Boerboel,The Roman Rottweiler and the Canis Panther.

Slant Back Show dog German Shepherd Dogs,Just how healthy is this craze for purity and perfection?

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