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Giant dog breeds in Nigeria

Goliath of Gath was recorded either as being 4 cubits and a span tall  or 6 cubits and a span tall.
6 Cubits and a span would be about 9 feet 9 inches, 4 Cubits and a span would be 6 feet 9  inches which is more credible.The human Male,except in folklore tends to be  just below 9 feet in height as a maximum limit.

Only Robert Wadlow is recorded to have been taller than 8 feet and 11 inches.He was at 8 feet 11.1 inches the tallest man who lived and whose height was accurately recorded.

At 6 feet and 9 inches in those days,Goliath  would today with better nutrition and general greater human size be about 7 feet 2 inches tall.Rightly he was described as a giant.

In today’s world,anything upwards of 7 feet tall is a proper giant.
6 feet 7 inch Vitali Kiltchko,former WBC World Boxing champion has severally been described as a giant.Nikolai Valuev another heavy weight boxer and one time world Champion in one of the sanctioning bodies(WBA) at about  7 feet flat is truly a giant and always described as so.

In the same vein,several large men,with more weight than height have also been described as giants.
Weight ratios of individuals is a cube of the height ratios.This means that if for example two people have similar physical shapes but different heights,the approximate weight of one individual can be calculated using the cube of their heights.

As such,7 feet being the starting point of human Male giants,and 5 feet 7 inches being the U.K average for males,(with 70kg being the average weight for such mature males),an average shaped 7 feet tall male will weigh 7feet cubed divided by  5 feet 7 inches cubed.i.e 84 inches x 84 inches x 84 inches divided by (67 inches x67 inches x 67 inches) and then multiplied by 70 kg,the weight of the 5 feet 7 inch average shaped man. The result we will get is 137.95 kg.It implies that a height upwards of 7 feet or a weight upwards of 137.95kg qualifies as a male giant human.

The 137.95 upwards male need not be 7 feet tall,the shorter he is the greater his girth will be but this volume will be same as the 137.95 average shaped 7 footer.This however does not apply to fat or obese Males.This applies to American National football league players,137+ kg muscled males below 7 feet tall.

Now to dogs-upwards of 29inches-30 inches at the shoulder and or 50 kg and above qualifies a dog to be termed a giant breed.
Wikipedia, my usual guide has the following list of giant dogs-

Off this list,the giant breeds available in Nigeria are the Boerboel, The Bull Mastiff,Cane Corso ,Caucasian Shepherd dog,Dogue de bordeaux, Great Dane, Neapolitan Mastiff, Newfoundland, Spanish Mastiff, Saint Bernard and Tibetan Mastiff.

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