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Top Ten Guard dogs in Nigeria presently

What is a guard dog?

Is a bull mastiff better than a boerboel?

What was the Caucasian Shepherd used for in its source country?

What was the The Rottweiler used for?

Which then are the best dog breeds in Nigeria?

Realizing that dog guarding in Nigeria is somewhat different from guarding  in some other countries where there are either large home steads or remote residences.
ALSO – Good Guard dogs are not necessarily dangerous or vicious fighting dog breeds.
Thus the American Pit Bull Terrier and it’s Terrier cousins will not be on this list.
German Shepherd dogs are such intelligent guard dogs that they can be trained to hold and release their bite hold.Not so for  a Pit Bull which needs a dose of  Ammonia into the nose to release its bite hold!

These are presently the best guard dogs in Nigeria.In looking at this list,please note that good guard dogs need not be vicious or dangerous dogs in general.They need to be intelligent,courageous,large enough and agile enough to do the work of guarding.

1. The Bull Mastiff, among breeds presently in Nigeria should top this list.The are able to cover more ground than the vicious Pit Bull Terrier.
They have very loud barks,but do not have the prey instinct of the Boerboel a similar giant guard dog.
They would rather block or push intruders to a corner and wait for the owners to come.
Still they are meaner dogs than the Boerboel,though not as bulky,they are about as strong and have more stamina than Boerboels.

2. The Boerboel – A breed that has done well in Nigeria.A protector of the homestead.Edges out the Rottweiler with sheer greater  size and strength,and edges out the Alsatian and Doberman for same reason.

3. The Cane Corso, barely edges out the Rottweiler because it is naturally leaner though about same size.More stamina too.

4. The Rottweiler – A proper good sized Rottweiler is a formidable guard dog.Rottweilers have a huge report of bites.They are large,almost  giant dog breeds,and they are mean.They edge out the Doberman and the Alsatian by sheer strength,size and meanness even though they lack the agility of the Doberman and the intelligence of the Alsatian.

5,6,7 :-Must be the Alsatian,Doberman and the Caucasian Shepherd in no particular order.
The Caucasian is the strongest and largest of the three,a giant dog breed,but lacks the Alsatian intelligence and the Doberman’s agility.

8,9,10:-Dogue de Bordeaux,Neapolitan Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff-All good guard dogs,with great size and strength but with limited speed and agility.

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