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The five most combat capable dog breeds

In the human world,we use so many indices to determine physical capabilities.
The ability to come out tops in Combat is the most realistic measure of these capabilities,but man’s ego allows him to compete in several obvious tests of strength and endurance while directly avoiding combat.

The MMA mixed martial arts and the UFC Ultimate fighting championship may be the rawest form of physical combat among men today.In the dog world combat is even more raw than what we get in the MMA and UFC.
Professional wrestling is a bit too cosmetic while Professional boxing though very competitive has a lot of protective rules and gears.

In the first world’s strongest man competition of 1977,two body builders,Franco Colombo and Lou Ferrigno competed.Ferrigno did quite well,silencing the critics who said body builders were simply cosmetic with no power.

Presently the worlds strongest man,Brain Shaw is a bulky 415 pounds (188kg)  and 6 feet 8 inches tall.But he will be man handled in the wrestling world and outclassed in the boxing ring.Probably killed in the MMA/UFC!
Same applies to power lifters,weight lifters,shot putters,Hammer throwers,discus and Javelin throwers who have not understood the rudiments of physical combat.

Ken Patera was third in the 1977 world strongest man competition,but could not cope with Bob   Backlund in the wrestling ring.
Jimmy Snuka was a power house speedy former body builder.but lost severally to Backlund,a technical wrestler with less bulk and “power”

In the 1977 contest, Mike Dayton was the leanest and to me most probably the easiest to convert into a combatant.
Again enough about man,let us talk dogs.
In the dog world,combat is instinctive,

The most lethal dogs,may not be the bulkiest or those with great strength to pull,they will be those with the greatest agility,meanness.stamina,and pain threshold,the ability to withstand pain without submitting or giving in.

We will look at dog breeds with great overall combat ability,great power to weight ratio and great prey and killer instincts!-

1. The first set of dogs:-Similar to our article on dangerous dog breeds and fighting dogs,the top dog breeds in this category of combat capability must be breeds that are primed for combat unto death, willing to fight on even when badly mauled and with  a high pain threshold.
Courage against bigger,”stronger” opponents will also be necessary.
Thus based on all these criteria,and considering power to weight ratio and size to combat capability ratio,the four brothers breed of dogs must come out tops viz-The American Pit Bull Terrier,the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Bull Terrier(miniature) or any mix of these breeds.

2. The second set of dogs would be mixes of these four on one hand,and the Kangal dog breed on the other hand.
I will explain,In Pakistan the great dogs of combat are the Bully Kuta,Gull Dung and Gull Terr.The last two have considerable mixes of the four brothers mentioned above,and these dogs have incredible killer instincts.

The Kangal on the other hand will kill wolves and Cheetahs if cornered!
Which is more combat capable between the Pakistani three and the Kangal would be most difficult to ascertain.The Kangal comes with a tuft of hair around its neck naturally,to protect it during combat.It is a very swift attacker,cancelling out advantages of dogs stronger than it.

There are other combat capable dogs,The Preso Canaris, Dogo Argentina,Canis Panther,Fila,and indeed those on our lists of dangerous dogs,but the top five would be-

1. The American Pit Bull Terrier-If this breed had the size of a Kangal it would kill Lions not Cheetahs!

2. The Kangal- One of these days I will publish my picture gallery of Kangals,Kangals with wolves they have killed or Cheetahs they have mauled!
Soon Kangals will arrive Nigeria and we hope they will do as well as the Caucasian Shepherds or the Boerboels  have done  in Nigeria.

A close cousin of the Kangal,The Central Asian Shepherd dog(also called a Wolf Crusher) did not do well when exported to U.S.A,and in Nigeria the few that arrived with the first set of Caucasian shepherd did not thrive as well as the Caucasians.These dogs,(The CAO dog) are said to be a little stronger than Kangals,but slower,less agile.

3. The Bully Kuta-Close to the Kangal on this list,edged out by the Kangal based on a few points we may consider in future detailed articles.

4. The Gull Dong-Similar to the Bully Kuta,some say sometimes even more combat capable,but the Bully Kuta Story is a long one,and several Bully Kuta  dogs are in fact Gull Dongs.The top Bully Kutas are more combat capable than the top Gull Dong dogs.

5. The  Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the Gull Terr will share the fifth position.
Size to combat ability wise,the Staffordshire Bull Terrier edges out the Gull Terr,overall however the Gull terr takes it.

I would really love to get informed comments from you all!

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