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The Canis Panther


The Canis Panther may not appear in a proper dog show soon.
This is because some standard organizations do not yet recognize it.

Shame though because the Canis Panther is a model of strength and great looks.

Some say it looks like a larger Doberman on steroids.

The Canis Panther by virtue of it’s great size is a giant dog breed.
It also has great power to weight ration because it has lean muscle mass.
It also has great stamina compared to other giant dog breeds because it is less bulky.

The Canis is a mix of a few breeds of dogs-The Black Great Dane,The Doberman,StaffordshireTerrier and the black Labrador.
It was developed in the USA in the 1970s by Mr. Cleotha ” Scorpio ” Jones,

The Males  are 27 inches – 30 inches tall at the shoulder,54kg-63 kg
Females: 24 inches  – 27 inches, 38 – 48 kg.

The Doberman Male averages only 34-41 kg and 27.5 inches tall.
The Canis Panther is a meaner dog then the Doberman,much larger,much more powerful.

There have been generations of this dog breed since the 1970s,but for now they are still not regarded as pure breeds.
So much for the dog shows with squint slant backs all in the name of Dog fashion while the true greats are left out!

Photo courtesy of Lori Berg

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