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The Alsatian vs the Doberman

A careful comparative analysis of the combat abilities of these two popular guard dog breeds.

The German shepherd(Alsatian) and the Doberman Pinscher are great guard dogs both of German origin.The German Shepherd has a slightly smaller cousin,The Malinois (Belgian Shepherd dog) which is also a most intelligent guard dog.

Which is a better guard dog?

Let me begin this article with proven facts,avoiding controversy and personal opinion as much as possible.
1. Size-Male GSD average 24 inches to 26 inches at the shoulder,and weigh 35kg to 43 kg. Male Dobermans average 27.5 inches at the shoulders and weigh 34kg to 41kg.
The GSD has a slight size(weight) advantage.But a good Doberman is imposing physically. Some many Dobermans we see in Nigeria are somewhat smaller than those on Germany.A compromise in breeding perhaps.

2. Agility- The GSD is agile,able to jump higher than most breeds in jumping competitions,however the Doberman is lithe,lean,and very agile.It is speedier than the Alsatian,can cover more grounds quicker and goes for the jugular!
3.Stamina and endurance-The Doberman,being marginally leaner,has the advantage in stamina and endurance.

4. Guard dog temperament – The GSD has anxiety when left alone for prolonged periods,It prefers human company.Also The GSD will rather stop or incapacitate an intruder than try to kill the intruder. As a guard dog,the GSD displays more intelligence,but goes about it in a”humane” way. Not so the Doberman.

5. Prey Instinct – Without doubt the Doberman tops the GSD on this point.

6. General Combat ability – In a fight between the two breeds, the Doberman would be aiming to kill,while the GSD would be aiming to incapacitate, an advantage for the Doberman.

In conclusion, for a beginner, who wants an intelligent,reliable dog breed,the GSD will be the obvious choice.It does better with other dog breeds and it’s greater intelligence will be an asset.

For the old timer who wants a no nonsense guard dog,a Doberman will be a slight favorite.

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