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Courtesy Wikipedia,the list below contains the names of all fighting dogs,ancient and modern,living and extinct.
This article is however about breeds contained in this list which are available in Nigeria.
This article will be followed by a similar article,-A LIST OF DOG BREED BANNED IN OTHER COUNTRIES BUT NOT IN NIGERIA.
The aim of this article is to highlight the fact that in certain civilizations,humans take extreme precautionary measures,which may not always be necessary.
In the list of Dog breeds banned in other countries,we shall see that several dog breeds that have co existed with humans and other pets in Nigeria,have as a result of extreme caution been banned out right.
From the list above,We will pick out some breeds that presently live well in Nigeria and which have over time lost their dog fighting tendencies completely!
Dogs when trained and socialized properly,and then put into a family unit usually fall into a position either of Pack follower,or of pack leader.
When a dog is properly trained by a strong willed owner,and placed below every human in a family,and every human who visits the family,the dog ends up becoming very obedient to instructions given to him of her and will only attack when prompted by the humans above it on the pack ladder.
When however  deliberate acts targeted at making a dog vicious are employed on a dog for what ever reason,a monster is created.
The American Pit Bull Terrier,in the list above is banned in several countries including U.K.
However it is a very friendly dog to humans!In fact it must not be left alone outside,it always wants to be with humans.
It is  however not good with other pets-Cats,birds,etc.
The American bull dog in the list above,is probably one of the more  friendly dog breeds!
We have several in Nigeria,and the Dogs Arena team is close to a family of American Bull dogs,brothers,sisters,father,mother.
Of all of these dogs,only one,a brother to Adriane the American Bull dog we featured earlier,falls within Fighting Dog temperament.
The result of this was deliberate!The owner wanted him so.
Adrian on the other hand is so predictable,except when intruded upon,then of course she becomes lethal.
The Bull Terrier is in fact reputed to be a clown among humans!
It just loves to play and grapple with humans.However,again wrong handlings can turn these dogs into dangerous dogs.
The Boxer dogs are also very tolerant dogs,all things being equal,same for the Caucasian Ovtcharka(Caucasian Shepherd dog),Dogue de Bordeaux,English Mastiff,Kangal,Neapolitan Mastiff and Tibetan Mastiff.
If you notice,other supposedly vicious dogs like the Doberman,  Rottweiler,and even Boerboel are not on this list!
Yet the Rottweiler records so many bites,some fatal!

What this simply means should be that these  aforementioned breeds have been understood properly and are no longer considered “fighting”  or “dangerous”  dogs.


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