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Breeding of Dogs and Puppies in Nigeria-Profitable?

This write up will again be revisited in details,very soon.
For now I will summarize a few salient details-

  • There is a great sense of well being in any form of dog breeding.
    There is great satisfaction in seeing your puppies grow into young capable adults.
    There is perhaps even greater satisfaction in seeing young children upwards of 5 years taking part(with your constant supervision) in this venture.These young lads appear to mature virtually over night!-They begin to share your joys and concerns for the dogs,and when you compel them to do their homework first before coming to the kennel,they do comply immediately.
    Their latter lives will benefit so much from this early exposure to discipline and responsibility.
  • Well planned and handled,and with the added advantage of eateries in our neighborhood giving us access to their barely eaten bones and left overs,dog breeding need not be an expensive venture.
    The key here is time ideas.
  • Visits to the vet doctor,vitamins for your dogs are not expensive relatively.
  • Your dogs can be leased out for pictures,shows,stud services,security without beingĀ  sold.You also get puppies out of some stud arrangements.
  • In our next write up we will look at the detailed economic feasibility of dog breeding in Nigeria,for now our parting statement is
    -If you like dogs,you should begin even in a little way to breed dogs.
    You should beginĀ  associating with other dog lovers,thereby getting a market later for your dogs.
    You could even make money marketing dog care products,foods,e.t.c
    You should watch out for and attend dog shows in Nigeria,and even in other parts of the world.

    IMPORTANTLY – We can arrange invites to U.K,U.S.A,Turkey,Croatia,Canada strictly for dog shows only.
    MORE countries will be added to this list but all visits must be temporary and strictly for the dog shows in these countries.

One comment on “Breeding of Dogs and Puppies in Nigeria-Profitable?

  1. This is extremely good idea and I want to say a very big thank you to the officials of this site.
    My name is Desmond from Nigeria in imo state I’m in need of a puppy for business. So can I get one.
    Yes or new this is my phone no. 07062127028

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