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Nigerian Mastiff

A comparative Analysis to other Mastiffs named after countries.
In another article,we wrote of an Ambullneo dog breed in Nigeria for sale.Adult.
This article will focus on a proposed project to achieve a Nigeria Mastiff.
The American Mastiff,was not American initially.It took an English Dog(The English Mastiff) and A Turkish dog (The Kangal or in some cases the Anatolian Shepherd) to achieve this.
The South African Mastiff or Boerboel, took dogs from several countries to mix and grow and mix again in South Africa to achieve.
The Argentine Mastiff also took dogs from several countries and of different sizes and temperaments to achieve.
The Pakistani Mastiff(Bully Kuta) is also a product of several European dog breeds.
The Brazilian Mastiff also followed same pattern,and so on for so many breeds of mastiffs and breeds of dogs in general named after countries.
What then is the proposed ancestry of the Nigerian Mastiff?
We have before now written to state that Kangals are great dogs that combine agility and strength.They however lack extreme bulk in the sense of true Mastiffs.
The proposed Nigerian Mastiff will combine Kangals and Malak dog breeds with the Spanish Mastiff,itself a cousin of sorts to the Anatolian Shepherd,which is in half a Kangal dog.
Confusing?-Should not be-We intend to bring in Kangals and Malaks from Turkey and achieve a 3/4 Kangal,1/4 Malak from this mix.
The mix in turn will be mixed with a Spanish Mastiff,25% Spanish Mastiff.
The product will be our Nigerian Mastiff.
We will illustrate with pictures in the next article.

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