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Dogs and Puppies for sale in Nigeria!

We have prime Standard Dogs and Puppies  for sale in Nigeria:-
All our dogs and puppies are free of inbreeding,all conform strictly with breed standards of height,weight.
All have been rigorously checked,and all vet records confirmed.
We recommend that you arrange a visit,preferably with your vet doctor or any knowledgeable person to inspect for any dogs or puppies you want to buy.
We notice with dismay,several foreign/internet/recycled  pictures of puppies and dogs purportedly for sale in Nigeria.
We also have noticed a few of our own  pictures used to advertise dogs and puppies for sale in Nigeria.
To stem all this,we will describe the dogs and Puppies we have for sale at every given period,and insist on a visit and inspection.
The Dogs and puppies in this write up are those available as at Friday 20th December,2013.

We have arranged the available dogs and Puppies in alphabetical order by breeds.

-Please click for details.

-Ambullneo Mastiff for sale in Nigeria-Full grown male Ambullneo Mastiff for sale(Ambullneo Mastiff is a new dog breed,crosses between several dog breeds,English,Neapolitan,Bull ,-Mastiffs,pit bull etc).
Ours is black,looks like a cane corso,bigger though.About 65kg weight and 28 inches at the shoulder.

-American Bulldog puppies and dogs for sale in Nigeria-We have male and female fully grown American  Bulldogs for sale.
All are standard sized and well brought up.
We also have puppies for sale.

-American Mastiff for Sale in Nigeria-4 year old,well trained,fawn,Gigantic Male American Mastiff for sale.34 inches tall,80kg average weight.
Owner may consider leasing dog out for six months while he travels out.
Will however prefer outright sales.

-American Pitt bull Terrier for sale in Nigeria-All are Standard,high quality puppies for sale.

-Boerboels for sale in Nigeria-Giant(standard) sized.All colors,puppies and full grown dogs available for inspection and purchase.

-Boxer (dog breeds) for sale in Nigeria-standard,top quality.

-Bull Mastiffs for sale in Nigeria-all great sized dogs and puppies.

-Cane Corso dogs and puppies for sale in Nigeria-All are standard,high quality.

-Caucasian Shepherds for sale in Nigeria-very adaptable breeds.All are great quality.

-Doberman Pinscher,Dogo Argentina and Dogue de Bordeaux  puppies and dogs for sale in Nigeria- 

-English miniature  Bull Terrier for sale in Nigeria-All are standard,high quality puppies.

-German Shepherd(Alsatian) Dogs and Puppies for sale in Nigeria-Amazing quality.A few slant backs of dog show quality!,puppies and fully grown dogs available.All standard sized,good looks!

-Great Dane dogs and Puppies for sale in Nigeria-All of the normal  colors.All standard sized,Some  are 36-39 inch tall parents.

We also have Rottweilers of all sub breed types,Lhasa,Samoyed dogs,Most of the Mastiff breeds in Nigeria for direct inspection and sales.

Dogs and Puppies wanted for   purchase in Nigeria:-

We also have  a list of Wanted breeds Dogs and Puppies in Lagos and in Nigeria as at today and if you have these breeds,then contact us through our FEEDBACK column and we will arrange checks and inspections after which we will connect you to those who want your breeds.
The list of wanted dogs is exhaustive,virtually all breeds are wanted,
We however have immediate serious demands in Nigeria for Kangals,American Mastiffs,Anatolian Shepherds,Bully Kuta dogs,Rhodesian Ridge-backs, Dogo Argentina,Filo,e.t.c

IMPORTANTLY – We can import any dog breed you want.However there is usually a time of anxiety,when we watch to see how these breeds will adapt to life in Nigeria.
The Boerboels,Caucasian Shepherds and a few other relatively new breeds passed through these waiting,testing periods when they first began to be imported into Nigeria.Today they are doing  very well.


24 comments on “Dogs and Puppies for sale in Nigeria!

    • Expecting puppies from a Prime source in about six weeks time,but Sire is Black and Dam is Blue black so the Harlequin (Scooby Doo) color may or may not present although the color is recessive and may come from Great Grand parents or Grand parents.Please send sms to 08080701363 in about four weeks time as a reminder.

    • You will need to import.We can help you import.but if you know the procedure for imports,then we can link you up with credible Kangal breeders.

  1. I need a nasa apso or pomonerian puppy,please get back to me on this number 07051866482

  2. Do you have any of these breeds Japanese spitz dogs, pomeranian, American Eskimo,samoyd and a chow chow,if so please contact me on this number 07051866482. Thank you very much,looking foward to a call from you guys.

  3. I have being following uP the site for quite a long time and i most say you guys are doing a nice job.Pls but i need a Pure female neoPolitan mastiff PuPPy a quality one for that matter am in no hurry i can wait till its availabe Pls get back to me

  4. Am a ldog lover, i hv several dogs like GSD, caucasian, ameriacan alsatian, samoyed, but i would like to import rare breeds, can u help me with that ?

    • All Rottweilers are German.The variations:- German,American,Box head etc are just names really.There are however by standards a wide variation in adult Rottweiler looks.A 24 inch squat male,will differ somewhat from a 27 inches taller male,but these differences should be subtle not marked.We here do not Breed,but we have the links to all Good Breeders all over Nigeria for almost all Dog breeds.Our contact number is 08080701363.

  5. Can I have your number to contact u when I want the dog 🐶 and the one I want to get is a German shepherd puppy if u have any available in December or January or I will tell tell u another month at an affordable price pls

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