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The giant Alsatian look alike dog breeds!

Imagine an Alsatian(GSD) -32 inches tall,as against 26 inches maximum height by greed standards.Bear in mind that a  6 inch height at the withers difference is a very large gap  for Dogs.
Now imagine this same dog weighing more than a huge Rottweiler(60kg),weighing about same as a Boerboel  (70kg),but looking like an Alsatian(GSD) to all intents and purposes and you get the giant Alsatian look alike.

There are two different rare breeds that male these giant Alsatian look alike.

The first is the Shiloh Shepherd Dog  and the other  The American King 

Shiloh Shepherd picture courtesy Wikipedia.

American King Shepherd pictures courtesy  Adirondack Mountain King Shepherds.

Would you like any of these giants?

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