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How much should an Alsatian (German Shepherd), Rottweiler or Doberman puppy cost?

This is a very interesting question.
Some how we must have compromised standards/quality because generally puppies in Nigeria cost much less than puppies in Europe,The Americas.

The average price of an Alsatian Puppy in U.K is about 600 pounds.This is more than N150,000.
However in Nigeria we hear of Alsatian puppies costing as low as N35,000,even N25,000!
Champion bloodline Rottweilers can cost up to U.S.D 4,000, same for champion GSD,Dobermans.

A critical look at these very low prices shows that negative market forces,apathy and ennui drive down the prices of these wonderful breeds of dogs.
As a result a chain of reactions starts which  gradually affects the size,quality and looks of these breeds,and we sometimes therefore see Alsatians smaller than Belgian Malinois  (Belgian shepherds),sometimes as small as African mongrels.

This negative trend affects other breeds as well and as such our dogs are smaller sometimes than their breed standards.

In a recession,the Arena of Dogs is also affected.However with a little more enthusiasm,a little more effort at gathering food for our dogs from food vendors left overs,cleaned and warmed, without necessarily spending so much money and ensuring our dogs take  their vitamins,we can reverse this ugly trend and get our puppies to command the right prices.Even at that,good dog foods are not so expensive as to be unaffordable.

Yes the recession is a bad factor,but when we all realize that the root cause of any recession is apathy,dis enchantment,then we can start of the wave of a renewed approach to matters concerning our pets and we all will reap from the improved results.

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