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How many types of Rottweilers are there?

We all have heard of German, Roman, Box head and American  Rottweilers.
Which exactly is the real Rottweiler?
These were originally great dogs,the butchers dogs that were used to guard meat in the market and after sales the monies were tied around the necks of these great dogs and dog and master would arrived home without incidence from bandits of times past.
The typical Rottweiler should be larger(heavier) than both the Alsatian (GSD) and the Doberman.
Males should weigh 50kg to 60kg,height at the shoulders should be between 24 inches to 27 inches.
Females should weigh between 42kg to 50 kg,height between 22 inches to 25 inches.
However there is evidently great compromise in standards presently!
From this compromise comes the various sub names given to this breed.
Ideally,the Rottweiler should be one breed.with a powerful bone structure and good musculature.
Powerfully built with thick broad heads,strong big necks and firm movements.
However we see leggy Rottweilers passed off as American Rottweilers,
stockier Rottweilers with squarer heads passed off as Box heads,
Bigger  Mastiff type Rottweilers passed off as Roman Rottweilers
And sadly enough we see finer boned dogs,looking like Rottweilers but all round thinner,thinner heads,bodies and they are sold as Rottweilers!
Thus Breed standards are compromised,lowering with every generation.
Temperament is also compromised,lowering with every generation.
Like we wrote about prices,the first likely cause of this problem is lowered standards,cheaper priced dogs and puppies,poorly fed parents and pregnant mothers.
However,genetically there must be more causes…
Within the same breeds of dogs,there are mild variations that if picked upon continuously will ultimately diminish the breed standards.
Presently in Nigeria,Box head Rottweilers cost any where between N80,000 to N150,000.
“Ordinary” Rottweilers cost between N50,000 to N80,000.
I have not yet come across real  “Roman” Rottweilers,and the few “American” Rottweilers I have seen are nothing more than thinner,taller,less bulky real Rottweilers.
We are trying to compile as many different looks of Rottweiler dogs as possible.
We are also discussing imports with a few international breeders of prime Rottweiler dogs.
Internationally,the different sub types are understood but not strictly recognized.

Standards  should be upped and selection should be more meticulous,that way we can slowly begin to get the real looks of Rottweilers of yore.

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