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The Dangerous Dozen -12 Most dangerous dog breeds


Properly trained and socialized,and without being intruded upon or threatened,no dog breed is dangerous outright.Not even the Wolfdog(Wolf hybrid dog).

However when threatened,the following dog breeds are the top 12 most dangerous breeds.

  • The American Bull Terrier

    Small to Medium sized dogs.Height at the withers from 17 inches to 22 inches for the tallest dogs.Weights from 13 kg to 30 kg.Much smaller than say the Alsatian for purposes of comparison.

    Yet they must be the most lethal Dogs presently.

    Ironically they are all capable of being extremely friendly to strangers.American Pitt Bull Terrier is  used as anti Police attack Dogs and to guard drugs in U.S.A.

    Also of the four below,the American Pitt Bull Terrier is banned out right in many countries including U.K.

    The cousins are:

    -The American Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    -The Staffordshire Bull terrier
    -The Miniature Bull terrier

    All are not as dangerous as the American Pitt Bull.

  • Perro de Presa Canario

    A large Mean Dog!Larger than a Rottweiler.Weighs 40kg-54kg for the females,45kg-64 kg for the males.Height is 22 inches -25 inches for females at the shoulder(withers) and 23 inches-26 inches for males.
    It is said that there is no hope of survival if one is attacked by this breed.
    It is therefore of utmost importance that one only goes near this breed when the owner is present.
    The owner must also be authoritative enough to control the Breed.
    This dog is from The Canary Islands.

  • Dogo Argentino

    Argentine,bred from the Cordoba fighting dogs,about same size as a Rott,Banned in several countries.Lethal.

  • Sarabis, Iranian Mastiff

    Sarabis Dog
    Larger than a Rottweiler.Up to 90 kg and 30 inches tall.Lethal.

  • Kangal

    kangal dog
    We have written so much about these dogs.Great dogs.All rounders.

  • Tosa Inu, Japanese

    Tosa Inu
    Large as a rottweiler – Lethal.

  • Bully Kuta, Pakistan

    Bully Kuta
    Much larger than a Rottweiler,same almost same size as Kangal,Lethal.

  • Filo Brasileiro

    Filo Brasileiro
    Brasil, larger than a Rottweiler, smaller than a Kangal – Lethal

  • Gull Terr, Pakistan

    Gull Terr
    Smaller than a Rott but very dangerous.

  • Gull Dong, Pakistan

    About same size as a Rott – More dangerous.

  • Bull Mastiff, English

    Slightly larger than a Rottweiler – More dangerous.

  • Cane Corso – A bandogge

    Cane Corso
    Italian,we wrote about this breed earlier. About same size as a Rottweiller.

There are several other dangerous breeds,The Rottweiler for one is quite dangerous and as a guard dog is great.Has recorded almost as many bites as the American Bull Terrier.
The Rhodesian Ridgeback, Alsatian, Dobberman, Caucasian Shepherd, Wolfdog, Dalmatian, Boxer, Chow Chow, Malamute, Husky and American Bull dog are all also mean breeds.

10 comments on “The Dangerous Dozen -12 Most dangerous dog breeds

  1. I would like to have the tan English Bull Mastiff please give me a call @ 574-642-3428 or email me
    ‘ Thank you
    Sincerely D.J.

  2. Pls I would like to get the purebreed American Pit bull terrier. How much does it cost, and is the pure breed available in Nigeria? Thanx.

  3. I am the proud owner of both a dogo argentino bitch and a sivas kangal male. They told both wonderful dogs . Yes they are aggressive and dangerous if not handled and treated properly .I have them both since they were 8 weeks old. They are mated and she will have puppies soon m I love them and favor the molooser breeds.W onderful dogs and friends m

  4. I have a presa canario x rhodesian ridgeback he’s a big dog but a softie, he loves his humans and is very protective inside his home but he loves everybody , people look at big dogs as threatening , they are only protecting their own rights and if they are not threatened then they are fine, I wouldn’t be without him he’s my big baby and we all love him so much.

  5. My sisters own an Argentinian Dogo Pitbull mix, he is a wonderful dog and is so friendly but he is aggressive when his nails are clipped or you stick your hand in his crate (I think the is just a territorial thing in other dogs too.) They rescued him and think he was abandoned and that is why he has anxiety issues (its bad)

  6. Half of these are not mean, just need guidance but a gun, knife, or even an uneducated humans cause problems and are dangerous it now properly handled by its rightful owner

  7. El gull gong es el perro mas grande del mundo de 30 a 42 plgs. A la cruz. Pesa de 120 a 200 lbs. Como puede decir que es del tamaño de un rot

  8. Tosa Inu Large as a rottweiler? Please 😉 My male Tosas are around 70kg (female 64kg) and knowing many tosa’s owners my are at most average size. Also you put Bull Mastiff on that list? Where is CAO?

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