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The impossible Dog Breeds some of you ask for

Recently we have gotten request for several Breeds of Dogs that are simply not yet in Nigeria!
Someone also rightly pointed out that the record sale prize for the Tibetan Mastiff was one Million Pounds!
We wrote about the 2009 record price of over 500,000 U.S.D..
Still we here deal with the averages.The average cost of a typical Tibetan puppy is about 2,000 U.S.D.
Generally dogs become very expensive for a number of reasons-rarity,looks,uses.
Back to the breeds-
Not all Dog breed will do well in Nigeria,after dogs are introduced into a new terrain,several things determine the success of the Breed in that new Terrain.
Also for economic reasons,some breed have not been introduced into Nigeria yet.
Also some breeds are simply very rare breeds.
In the list of Dog breeds//Hybrids//rare breeds//and extinct breeds that we will publish soon,we will attempt to indicate which breeds are not in Nigeria and which breeds are rare every where.
The word-Dog breed- does not connote that the dogs were from one blood line through out.
The present day accepted Dog breeds were themselves results of several decades of interbreeding.
Also someĀ  Breeds are regional,The Boz,The Sarabis,The Malak,The Alabai to mention a few and these breeds,will not be found on most lists of Dog breeds,but this does not mean they are not authentic Dog breeds.
They are however rare breeds in most cases.
We will in future write comprehensively about all theseĀ  as soon as we bring some of them into Nigeria and they get to mature a bit.
We are currently working on several of these rare great breeds.

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