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We at Dogs arena will like to thank all of you for the various pictures you sent us about your Dogs and Kennels.
HOWEVER, several of your pictures do not carry labels,some are only about your Dogs without you.
We prefer pictures of you with your dogs.
Also many of you wrote in to say you were having problems sending videos to us.


RealTeddies Kennels,through Bidemi Akanni successfully sent their videos and pictures and so we will highlight them first.
The videos were sent through you tube links,so you all could learn from him.


The first two pictures are of Mia,A one year old Samoyed.
The third and fourth pictures are of Dinero,an 11 month old Boerboel.
The fifth and sixth pictures are of Rouge,a three month old Pitbull.
In Bidemi Akanni’s words: About  Mia, Mia is a very friendly dog. Makes u fall in love with dogs all over again. she’s the reason they call #dogs man best friend.
About Dinero, Dinerois a very playful girl and she makes u wonder…….. so beorboel can be this playful?
About Rouge, Rouge is neither a theif nor a criminal but very unpredictable and have alot of energy for playing. Her favourite play mode is #tug of war.
All dogs are family members of RealTeddies Kennels








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