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The Lion Dogs

If you ever have enough time to carefully look through all dog breeds,you will notice that several are mild variations of themselves.

There are however of this list,three dog breeds that have been likened to Lions for seperate reasons.
We will look at these breeds one after the other.

Before now we had stated that we would only post real time pictures of any dog we write about,However at least two of the three dogs are not in Nigeria,and the third one,the Tibetan Mastiff,is not easily within range for pictures.

The three Lion Dogs are-The Bully Kuta,The Leonberger and the Tibetan Mastiff.


1. The Leonberger-  Even has a mane like a Lion.Looks so much like a Lion.

The Leonberger.Photo courtesy of LionHill Kennels.

2. The Tibetan Mastiff-Not long ago sold for over half a Million U.S.D.(Todays over 80 Million Naira!).
Also not long ago was put in a zoo in China,to take the place of a Lion and all went well till it barked.

The Tibetan Mastiff

3. The Bully Kuta-also called the Pakistan Mastiff,this breed does not have the dramatic Lion look alike of the first two,but it walks like a Lion.
The pride of Pakistani Dogs men,the Bully Kuta is a giant dog,with the gait of a Lion.
Difficult to track down,and over the years mixed with other breeds,the one common feature of all Bully Kuta’s is the Lion like gait.

The bully Kuta is the third picture here.Courtesy Top Dawg Kennels.


We at Dogs Arena are presently trying to import both the Leonberger and the Bully Kuta for two clients.
We have friends of the Dogs Arena team that have Tibetan Mastiffs and soon we will bring exclusives on the Tibetan.

We also have exclusives of Mastiffs-Neo,Spanish,Bull, coming up soon.
We are in talks to bring in American and English mastiffs.

We are also in talks to bring in the great guard dogs we wrote about earlier-The Kangal-handles Cheetahs ,Boz shepherd-also handles Cheetahs,Anatolian shepherd-,CAO(Wolf crusher),Alabai.-ALL these handle Cheetahs and wolfs!
We will bring you exclusives on them soon,with real time pictures as soon as they all arrive Nigeria!

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