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Q-What are the differences between an Alsatian and a German Shepherd?

A-None,they are the same dogs.

Below is a thoroughbred Alsatian or German Shepherd dog,about 4 weeks old.

In the U.K it is called an Alsatian or Alsatian wolf Dog,but it is a German Dog,and the proper name is a German Shepherd Dog.

During the second world War,it was improper to cede honor in whatever way to the Germans from the British point of view.

The U.K Kennel Club renamed the Dogs after the French-German border region of Alsace-Lorraine,and the name Alsatian stuck to date.

The Slant Back?

Some argue still that the slant back must be a different sub breed from the straight back working type Alsatian.

However the fact is that through selective breeding it is possible to gradually adapt the look of a Dog to what we desire.

The slant back,semi slant back and straight back Alsatian is one and the same as the German Shepherd.

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