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What is a Bandog (Bandogge)?


Similar to the Pit Bull family are the Bandogges.
The fourth,fifth and sixth pictures are of a young Bandogge.A Cane Corsa(Italian Mastiff).

I see similarities with a Dogo Argentina.

Traditionally Bandigges never socialized,where tied up all day and by night they were the ultimate lethal weapons!
The Cane Corsa qualifies as a Bandogge,so also the Boerboel,but truth be said the Boerboel varies so much in standards!

Yes there are Bully Box headed squat strong Boerboel ,but then again there are several that do not fall within this description.

Bandogges Bandogges

As always your comments would be appreciated.

One comment on “What is a Bandog (Bandogge)?

  1. in my own opinion and research, bandogges are developed with a foundation breed with a mastiff type of dog.
    What is reported here is just an estimated
    expected average range of various
    foundations breeds commonly seen in various
    Bandog programs.
    The Primary Group , approximate average of
    25-75% from American Pit Bull Terrier (aka
    the “Bull-n-Terrier”).
    The Secondary Group , approximate average of
    25-75% from English Mastiff and/or Neapolitan
    A Tertiary Group (used in some programs)
    approximate average of 0-75%: American
    Bulldog, Dogue de Bordeaux , Boerboel,
    Bullmastiff , Bulldog Campeiro, Cane Corso,
    Fila Brasileiro , Great Dane , Perro de Presa
    Canario , Dogo Argentino , and/or the Tosa Inu. I ve bred female pitbulls with neopolitans and boerboels and the pups come out very well. for serious guard work, I ll recommend a female american pitbul terrier of any colour with a brindle male Boerboel.

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