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The British, English or American bulldog – which is best for you in Nigeria and why?

American Bulldog

Recently I read about some American who paid varying sums of money, totaling below U.S.D 500 to get an English Bull Dog sent to her.

When I searched further on Google I saw several more such scam cases pertaining to the English Bull Dog.
These Dogs cost upwards of U.S.D 3,000…Why would anyone sell them so cheap?
However this narrative is about the American Bull dog,the tops of all Bull dogs in my book and I believe in the books of a majority of bull dogs lovers.

The first two pictures below show Adrian,an American Bull dog,with the Dogs Arena team.
These pictures do not do her justice..She has a head larger than any type of Roth,larger than any Bull mastiff I have seen,and I have seen plenty.

The American Bull dog standards vary a lot,from low height,to taller than a Boerboel!

Adrian would easily weigh 70 kg,that is heavier than any Roth,Boerboel weight class more like.

Adrian does not need artificial insemination like an English or British Bull dog,and she will not need caesarian section like the former two!

Adrain and other American bulldogs are just as quick,and have similar power to weight ratios as the English and British Bulls,so why would i go for an English or A British??

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2 comments on “The British, English or American bulldog – which is best for you in Nigeria and why?

    • Best guard dogs in Nigeria by category
      1-The Doberman for speed and stamina.
      2.The Boerboel/Bull Mastiff for size,strength and presence
      3.The Cane Corso/Rottwiller/American Bull dog,American Pitt Bull for jaw/bite strength
      4.The Alsatian/GSD for general guard dog intelligence.

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