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The Alsatian, Doberman or Rottweiler, which is best? – or the real giant guards -The Boz, The Kangal?

In Energy levels,I would say the Doberman has the highest.Vicious,quick,agile!
The standards for Doberman males is 27.5 inches at the withers.

Weight anywhere around 34-41 Kg.
The standard for Alsatian males is 24-26 inches at the withers and weights of 35-43kg.

The Rott standard is 24-27 inches height and 50-60 kg weight.

The Roth therefore would be the largest.But does the agility and high energy level of the Doberman offset this weight advantage-Saul Alvarez vs Floyd May weather analogy?

Or does the intelligence of the Alsatian offset the size and strength advantage of the Rott-    Ali vs Foreman analogy?

Regardless,there is a dog that combines the intelligence of the Alsatian,with the strength of a mastiff and the speed of a Doberman.In fact it is swifter!

Swift enough to ward of cheetahs,tenacious like a Miniature Bull Terrier.
That dogs is the Kangal,A dog with an incredible bite force.
It has several cousins,The Boz,Alabai,Central Asian Ovchrka,Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Read about them and send in your comments.


Which is your best Dog Breed in Nigeria?-please send your comments through our feedback column.

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